$50,000 and above

Steffi Berne, in memory of Rhoda Mokotoff (NY)
†Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden (IL)
Estate of Henry C. Bryant (MI)
Estate of Marilyn Cereghino (CA)
Hope A. Curtis (NM)
Nan O. Cullman (NC)
Hope A. Curtis (NM)
†Mr. James W. Ellington (CT)
The Farkas Family Foundation, in memory of Florence Roth Farkas (VA)
In memory of Anna R. Harms (NY)
Reuben Herzfeld Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (AL)
Estate of Lois Hilgeman (NJ)
Barbara D. Horgan, in honor of Doretta K. Feldscher (NY)
Mrs. Halina Jamner (NY)
Thomas J. Kim and John F. Olson (DC)
Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation (NY)
Mr. and †Mrs. Edward Merrin (NY)
The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation (FL)
Dr. Thomas H. Powell, in memory of Dr. William W. More (MD)
Estate of Barbara Rosenthal (NY)
Estate of Virginia R. Sayre (DC)
Estate of Dietrich Schwerdtfeger (NY)
Estate of Phyllis Kyle Stephenson (VA)
Professor Richard S. Tedlow and Dr. Donna M. Staton (MA)
Mrs. John Todd (NJ)
The Cynthia R. Tremblay Foundation (VA)
John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer, in honor of Robert Turner (LA)
21 Anonymous Donor

$25,000 and above

Dr. Joan Taub Ades (NY)
Arnhold Foundation (NY)
Estate of Carol Berles (PA)
Richard and Carol Boas, in memory of Edith Marks Baldinger and
    Ruth Boas (CT)
Mrs. Henry Christensen III (NY)
Theodore Chu (NY)
Estate of Halla Claffey (MI)
Jacques and Emy Cohenca Foundation (NY)
†Emily and †John Corry (NY)
Dalio Philanthropies, Inc. (CT)
Joan and Donald Fried (NY)
The Gouvernet Arts Fund at the Community Foundation (NY)
Meredith Griffiths, in memory of Anne K. Dahl and Clarence Klopsic (VA)
Estate of Norma E. Gross (LA)
†Gerald L. Hanauer (WA)
Ms. Lenore M. Hanauer (WA)
Judith Harris and Tony Woolfson / CCAR (Switzerland)
Maura Harway and Richard Mark (NY)
Nancy L. Hayward (NY)
Hinkle Charitable Foundation (NY)
Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation (NY)
The Kligerman Family Foundation (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre (NY)
C. Jerome Lombardo Family Foundation in memory of Louis D'Angelo and
    Louise D'Angelo Lombardo (NY)
Joseph Masteroff, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
Ellen McCoy (DC)
Dr. Arthur M. Mellor (NC)
Mr. and Mrs. Corbin R. Miller (NY)
IRA of Annabel Muenter (NY)
Mary Benbow Murdy (CT)
Mrs. Gilda Nobel (NY)
Mrs. Greenway O'Dea (NY)
James L. Perzik, in honor of Judi Perzik (CA)
Prince Charitable Trusts (DC)
Quickle Family Trust (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Rotenstreich (NY)
Sack Family Fund (CA)
Estate of Margaret Spader (NY)
Lynn G. Straus (NY)
Flora L. Thornton Foundation (CA)
†Mr. and †Mrs. J. Allen Tyler (VA)
The New York Community Trust-Wallace Special Projects Fund (NY)
†Mr. and †Mrs. Horace H. Wilson (CA)
2 Anonymous Donor

† In Memoriam