Campaign Leadership

Toll Brothers, Inc. (PA)
Annenberg Foundation and GRoW @ Annenberg (CA)
The Neubauer Family Foundation (PA)
Vincent A. Stabile Endowment for Broadcast Media (FL)
1 Anonymous Donor  

$1,000,000 and above

Rita Allen Foundation, in memory of Milton and Lucette Cassel (NJ)
Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation (FL)
The E.H.A. Foundation (NY)
Gould Foundation (NY)
Estate of Leonard S. Levine (NY)
Richard Sias, in memory of Jeannette Sias (OK)
Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences (WA)
The Alice Tully Foundation (NY)
†Agnes Varis and †Karl Leichtman (NY)
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$500,000 and above

Estate of Alan D. Aberbach (Canada)
†The Reverend and Mrs. Victor L. Baer, DD (PA)
The Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation (CT)
The Bauman Foundation (DC)
Judith and Russell Carson (NY)
Estate of Dorothy Z. Denney (FL)
Estate of Alice Dunn (NM)
Gramma Fisher Foundation, Marshalltown, Iowa (MD) 
†Mr. David Garrity, in honor of Margaret Juntwait (FL) 
Robert K. Johnson Foundation (SC)
†Ellen Sherman (CA)
Ted Snowdon and Leon "Duffy" Violante (NY)
The Starr Foundation (NY)
In memory of Frank E. Taplin, Jr. (VT)
Wallis Foundation (CA)
Trust of Marilee Wheeler (MA)
Estate of Maria Yauger (NJ)

$250,000 and above

Michael and Miriam Burnside, in memory of Anne M. Burnside (CA)
The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation (VA)
†Mrs. Kitty Webb Harris (NY)
Judith Harris and Tony Woolfson/ CCAR (Switzerland)
The Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation (NY)
Charlotte Mathey, in memory of Macdonald Mathey (MA)
Trust of Robert W. Schaefer (IL)
Lawrence Schnur and Frank Fazio (NY)
The Harry G. Schumer Family Endowment Fund (MN)
†Chads C. Skinner (CA)
William and Karen Tell Foundation, in memory of William K. Tell, Jr. (FL)

$100,000 and above

Estate of Jane Allison (NY)
Stanley Asrael, in memory of Evelyn Asrael (MD)
Simon and Eve Colin Foundation, Inc. (NY)
Nan O. Cullman (NC)
Mr. and †Mrs. John R. Doss (NY)
In memory of Rosalind Elias (MA)
Mrs. Halina Jamner (NY)
Robert Wood Johnson 1962 Charitable Trust (NJ) 
†Nancy Krakow, in memory of Charles Kullman - Tenor (CA)
Jane Stieren Lacy, in memory of Arthur T. Stieren (TX)
Blanche & Irving Laurie Foundation (NY)
Thomas H. Lee and Ann Tenenbaum (NY)
Estate of Alfred Manheim (FL)
National Endowment for the Arts, Art Works (DC)
The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation (FL)
Trust of Suzanne Poole (AZ)
Lia and William Poorvu (MA)
The Robins Family Foundation (NY)
Cynthia R. Tremblay (VA)
†Dr. Agnes Varis, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
Estate of Beverely Voelbel (FL)
†Mrs. Mona Webster (Scotland)
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† In Memoriam