$1,000 and above

Doug Abbey (CA)

Estate of Ellen Ackerman (VA)

Brunhilde Adam, in memory of Gisela Lapp (NY)

Rose Marie Addesso (NJ)

Sharman Addy (OK)

Mr. and Ms. Alan Agle (UT)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Aharoni (NY)

Dellson Alberts, in honor of Eunice Alberts (MA)

Dr. Rochelle Semmel-Albin, in memory of Miriam Albin (MA)

†Joan Aldous (IN)

Mary Helen Allburt (TX)

Gerald P. Alldredge (NM)

Mrs. Margaret Alldredge (MN)

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Allen (CA)

†Peter Allen (NY)

†Frederick Allison (Canada)

Wick and Christine Allison (TX)

Mr. Daniel Alt (IA)

Jess Alu (MI)

Ethan D. Alyea (IN)

Harlan and Patricia Amstutz, in honor of Jeanne and Charles Wickman (CA)

Ellen Anderson (VA)

Mr. Jerome Andersen (VA)

Margaret Anderson, in memory of Luciano Pavarotti and Beverly Sills (UT)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Anderson (NM)

Shane & Felicia Anderson (CA)

Wayne R. Anderson (CA)

Lois Andrews (WA)

Robert Angell (ID)

Mrs. Deborah Antanaitis (PA)

The Appelbaum-Kahn Foundation (CA)

Robert B. Ardis, in memory of Catherine Ardis (NJ)

Joan Arias (CA)

Steve Armstrong and Carol Kriekard (IL)

Martha and †Thomas G. Armstrong (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. David Arnold, Jr. (MA)

Barbara B. Aronson (PA)

Barbara Aronson (NY)

Peter M. Ascoli (IL)

†William Ashbrook, in memory of Florence (CO)

Page Ashley (NY)

†Elizabeth P. Atkins (MA)

Daniel and Karen Atwood, in honor of Frank J. Fiorina (WI)

†Phoebe S. Atwood (OR)

Edward H. Auchincloss (NY)
Mrs. Anne M. August (VT)

Mrs. Margaret Augustine (CA)
Ira Keith Austin (NY)

Miss Etta May Avery (OK)

†Dr. Edward Axelrod, in memory of Maxine Axelrod (NY)

Mr. Julian M. Babad (AZ)

Mrs. Mary Babcock, in memory of Charles L. Babcock (OH)

Judge Roy Babitt (NY)

Barbara Backstrand, in memory of Ida and Elliot Levy (OR)

Albert Baernstein (WA)

Cynthia Bagby (NY)

Bonnie Baker (OH)

Ruth and Louis Baker Family Foundation (NY)

Jo Baktis (England)

Larry Balboni (ME)

Robert Baldwin (IL)

†Mrs. Robert Ballard (HI)

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ballou (ME)

Baltimore Community Foundation (MD)

Henry Bankhead, in memory of Helen Byer (NY)

Virginia Banks (NY)

Mr. Ronald Baranowski (NY)
Ms. Judy Bardwick (CA)

Elizabeth and †Harry Barnes, Jr. (NH)
Sarah Barney (IN)

Tracy Barron (MA)

Mrs. Mary Bartley (NY)

Joseph Bartush (CA)

Mrs. Mary J. Baskerville (PA)

Robert Bastress (WV)

Clare Louise Bates, in memory of Betty Donges (CA)

Carolyn Batt, in memory of Helen B. Conn (OH)

Mr. & Mrs. Marc E. Batt (PA)

Harold Bauer (IL)

Linda Baumgarten, in memory of Lillian Baumgarten (NY)

Walter Bayer II (FL)

Walter J. Bayer II (FL)

A. W. Bazemore (GA)

Mary Beaubien (IL)

Lucile Beaver, in memory of Evalyn C. Richard (VA)

Carl H. Becker (TX)

Herman Becker-Fluegel (NY)

Louise Bedichek (DC)

Mark and Judy Bednar (IL)

Christo Bekiaris (CA)

†Anne J. Bell (TX)

Ms. Ann Bellezza (PA)

Marjorie Benjamin, in honor of Miss Sophia Wowk (NY)

Beverly Benson (CA)

Richard L. Benson (ME)

Ruth and Carl S. Benson (AK)

Mr. A. Bergen and Ms. C. Hale (NY)

†Herman Berkman, in honor of Lin Dodge (MA)

Lawrence Berlin (MI)

Tobias J. Bermant (NY)

David T. Berner (MT)

†Eva Bernhardt (IN)

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Berolzheimer (IL)

Mr. Kenneth P. Bertelson (CO)

Charles R. Bertsch (AZ)

Mr. and Mrs. George Bertsch (WA)

Sharon Bertsch (WA)

Mrs. Hugh M. Chapin (NC)

Dr. William Beyers (WA)

Karen M. Bibb (VA)

Dr. Jane Biers (MO)

Ms. Barbara Black (WA)

Ms. Barbara Black (WA)

Mr. and †Mrs. Eliot Black (CT)

Donna Blacker (CA)

Mary C. Blake (VA)

Mr. Joseph B. Blanchette (MA)

Mr. and †Mrs. Timothy B. Blodgett (MA)

Mr. and Mrs. Hy Bloom (Canada)

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Bloxom, Jr. (WA)

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley M. Bogen (NY)

Helen Bogner (CA)

Graeme B. Bolger (FL)

Mrs. Maurice Bonds, in memory of Maurice Bonds (VA)

Vera Bondy (Canada)

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bossler (NY)

Virginia Boucher (CO)

John K. Bouman (NY)

Edith S. Bouriez (NY)

Eloise Bouye (CA)

†Jean Bower (DC)

Ellen Bowers (NY)
Mrs. Joan F. Boytim (PA)

Mrs. Charles Bragg (CA)

Dr. Lois Brainard, in honor of Laura Frankel (CA)

Alice Bralove (DC)

Dr. Stewart Bramson, in memory of Sonya Tureck Goldsmith (NJ)

Marjorie Brandriss (NJ)

Francis Brandt (CA)

Roxanne Brandt (NY)

Mr. C. Allen Braswell (CA)

Mr. David Braun (AZ)

Gerald Breslauer (CA)
Mr. & †Mrs. Joel Brewer (MD) 

Mr. William Brewster (MA)

Elizabeth Brickfield, in memory of Helen Brickfield (NV)

Dr. Edward W. Brink, in memory of Raymond O. and Lillian S. Brink (FL)

Nicholas V. Broccolino (MD)

Harry Brodie, in honor of William Wallace Brodie (MD)

Ms. Katherine Brohaugh (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Brokaw (WA)

†Mr. Alan Bromberg (TX)

Doris Brown (CA)

Dorothy C. Brown, in memory of Maurine Wilson (TX)

James K. Brown (NY)

Jane Brown (WA)

Kathryn Brown (IL)

William R. Brown (NY)

Sandra Bruggemann, in memory of John P. Bruggemann (IA)

Martha C. Bruning, in memory of Gertrude C. Raymond (VA)
Ms. Barbara Brunjes (NY)

†Mr. and Mrs. Joel Buchman (NY)

Hela Buchthal (ME)

Diane Buck (MA)

Josephine Buckley (NY)

David Budescu (NY)

Nancy Budiansky (MA)

Janet L. Buecker (MA)

Laura Burchard, in memory of Beverly Sills (VA)

Hugh Burke (GA)

Philomena Burke (VA)

Roger Burkhardt (NY)

Philip Burno (IL)

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Burns, in memory of Wilma C. Burns (ME)

Dr. and Mrs. Boyd Burris, in memory of Beverly Sills (MD)

Nina Bykow (NY)

†Janet Byles (OH)

†Mr. Morton D. Cahn, Jr. (TX)

John C. Caldwell (CA)

Ms. Louise Caldwell (VA)

Mrs. Annette C. Caleel (CA)

Marianne Callahan (MA)

Dr. Tom Callihan (TN)

John Calman (NM)

Father Roland Calvert (OH)
Herbert Camp, Jr. (CT)

Susan Campbell (PA)

Mr. William A. Campbell (VA)

Douglas Candland (PA)

Dr. R. J. Carabasi (TX)

Patrizio Cardarelli (Canada)

Denise M. Carlson (IL)

Mr. and Mrs. George Carlson (VA)

Sherrill Carlson (WA)

Royce Carlton (NY)

†Phyllis M. Carstens, in memory of Harold H. Carstens (NJ)

†Robert W. Carter (DC)

Margaret Cartolano (NY)

Castagnola Family Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation (NM)

Thomas B. Catron III, in memory of Stephen Ellis Catron (NM)

Pamela Causer (DC)

Mrs. Martyn J. Cavanaugh, in honor of Mary K. Hicks (SC)

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Cawley (CA)

Lewis Center (NY)

James W. Chamberlain (IL)

Mary Chamberlain (MA)

†Mr. and †Mrs. John Chapman (NC)

Diane Charlap (NY)

Bernard Chasson (MA)

Ms. Julia Ann Cherry (ID)

Louise Chezzi, in memory of Beatrice Doyle (Canada)

Ms. Lola Chlupsa (NY)

Ms. June Choate (IL)

Dr. Edward Chupp, in memory of Mary Miklos Chupp (CT)

Richard Cima (PA)

Blanche Cirker (NY)

Robert Claassen, in memory of Milton Cross (AZ)

Dr. and Mrs. John Alden Clark (MN)

Marsha S. Clark, in memory of Bunny and Susan (NY)

Dr. Richard B. Clark (AR)

†Mrs. Robert L. Clarke (CT)

Sylvia Clawson (CA)

Dr. W. E. Clendenning (NH)

Amy E. Clough (IN)

Dr. Mary E. Clutter (DC)

Janet G. Clyne, in memory of Barbara Turner (CA)

Dr. Penelope W. Coates (CA)

Mr. James Cochran (TX)

Jane S. Coe (MA)

James F. Coffey (OH)

Anne Cohen (NY)

Martin Cohn (MA)

Elizabeth Cole (ME)

Jac Cole (OH)

Karen Cole, in memory of Dagmar Gruy Cole (NY)

Millie Coleman (DC)

Ms. Jessie Colgate (DC)

†Mr. and Mrs. Abram Collier (NH)

Mrs. Gretchen Collins (VA)

Ms. Elizabeth Colton (CA)

Community Fdn of Tennessee (TN)

Janet Conn (MN)

Helen Connell (NY)

Bruce R. Connelly, in memory of George J. Govostes (MA)

†Mary O. and John T. Connor (FL)

Vincent J. Connor (Canada)

Maude Conrad (WA)

Barbara Y. Conway (MD)

†John S. Cook and †Dorothy M. Skinner (MA)

Nancy S. Cook (TX)

Mr. Richard J. Corbin, in memory of Kathleen Corbin (GA)

Gonzalo Cordova (Puerto Rico)

Joan Cornblath, in memory of Dr. Marvin Cornblath (MD)

Roger and Barbara Cottrell (TN)

Ms. Audrey Cowan (Canada)

Dr. Marilyn Cowger (NC)

Ruth Miller Cox, in honor of Jennifer C. Cox (PA)

†Mrs. Robert Cragg (IL)

Mr. J. Christopher Craig (NJ)

James Craig (PA)

Douglas S. Cramer/Hubert Bush (FL)

Hall Crannell (MD)

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Creason (CA)

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Crowe (CA)

Mr. Paul Cruikshank (CT)

Anne Prince Cuddy, in honor of James Roy Prince (NC)

Victoria Anne Cundiff (NY)

Valerie Curriden (CA)

Richard A. Currie, in memory of Eunice Currie (NY)

June Curtis (CA)

†Mrs. John Cutler (PA)

Don F. Dagenais (MO)

William Daggett (MA)

Ernest G. D'Amato (NJ)

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Dana, Jr. (NJ)

Norma Danielson (MN)

Andrew H. D'Anneo (CA)

Francesca D'Anneo (WA)

Dr. and Mrs. Jan Dash (NJ)

Gordon B. Davidson (WA)

Brant Davis (GA)

Mr. James Davis III (NC)

†James R. Davis (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. James Davis (GA)

Linda M. Davis (NM)

Sherly Day-Bernthal, in memory of Murray Bernthal (NY)

Ms. Gabriella De Beer (NY)

Paul De Cleva, in memory of Mrs. Camilla De Cleva (TX)

Basil De Pinto (CA)

Joseph A. De Vito, Sr. and Karen Harding (ME)

Edwin N. Dean (MD)

†Rosamond A. Dean, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. George Roberts (NY)

Zyla Deane (CO)

Barbara DeBoer (PA)

†Jack DeCamp (NJ)

Andy DeCeunynck and Robin Mazna, in memory of Robert DeCeunynck (WA)

Ms. J. L. Dees (CO)

Timothy DeFries (TX)

Mary and Michael Delfino, in memory of Katharine Moran Douglas (NY)

†Mary Delich (PA)

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dellinger (VA)

Charles Demakes, in memory of James P. Demakes (MA)

Mr. Charles Demetrowitz, in memory of Sarah Ryan Demetrowitz (MD)

†Beverly Denbo, in memory of Robert Baird Brown (MD)

In memory of Wayne and Clara Denny, and Beverly Sills (IL)

Margaret DeSerio, in memory of Ellen R. Conley (IL)

Leslie Desmond (MI)

Claire M. Detlefs, in memory of Nancy Ansley (KY)

Mr. and Mrs. Martin Deutsch (NY)

Rosalind Devon (NY)

Dr. Ted Diaconoff (OK)

Richard and Nancy (Jagmin) Dickerman (TX)

Barbara Dickstein (MD)

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Dietche (NY)

Marjorie Dillinger (TX)

Ann Dillon (NY)

†Ralph Dimmick (PA)

Arline Diskin (AZ)

Sergine Dixon, in memory of Jeanette MacDonald (VT)

Mr. T. G. Dodenhoff (AZ)

†James Doele (NJ)

Daniel Donovan (CT)

†Elena Doria (NY)

William Dorsey (NC)

Marjorie Dovman (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Doyle (VA)

Joan Drees (CA)

James S. Dudley (Scotland)

Lucinda N. Dudley (VA)

Ms. Caroline W. Duell (CO)

†Edward Dumit, in honor of John and Ava Butts (OK)

Arnold D. Duncan (CA)

Ms. Mary Ellen Dundon (NJ)

†Alice and †Richard Dunn (NM)

Dr. John L. Dunn (VT)

Katheleen Durdin (FL)

Ms. Dorothy Duryea (FL)

Mr. Steve Duscha (CA)

Dr. Janice Dutcher (NY)

Maureen Dwyer (PA)

Ms. Anne O. Dzamba (PA)

Joan and Robert J. Easton (NY)

John M. Eddins (GA)

Anne H. Edwards (England)

†Reverend Ralph Edwards (NY)

Nathaniel S. Eek (OK)

Maureen Egen (NY)

Anne E. Egger (IL)

Marian Eichar, in honor of Licia Albanese (OH)

Dr. and Mrs. Burton C. Einspruch, in honor of  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Livi (TX)

William Eisen (PA)

Stuart Eisenberg, M.D. (NJ)

Shirley Elfers (NY)

†Frances H. Elgan (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Elleman (MA)

Mrs. Saskia Eller (NY)

J. David Ellett (SC)

†LeRoi L. Elliott (DC)

Thyra Elliott (FL)

Mr. Frank W. Ellis (CA)

Nancy B. Ellis (MA)

Robert Ellis (CA)

Dr. Stephen D. Ellis, in memory of Dorothy Day (PA)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Ellmann (MA)

Linda Emanuele (IL)

†Norman and Susan Ember Foundation (NY)

Mr. Richard Emerson (CA)

David Mack Endres (Norway)

Ernestine Enomoto (HI)

Ms. Sara P. Epstein (MO)

†Charles and †Sylvia Erhart (ME)

David J. Erikson, Jr., M.D. (CA)

Shirley Erlitz (NY)

Mr. Rod Erskine (OH)

Mary Evans, in honor of John Schuler (NY)

Jean Evoy (FL)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewald (MD)

Amy C. Ewing (CT)

†G. Leslie and Jo Phelps Fabian (GA)

Mr. Brian Fahey (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. David Fannin (FL)

†Mrs. Maurice E. Faulkner (CA)

Yolanda Favretto (Canada)

David Fechheimer (CA)

†Joel D. and †Ellen S. Fedder (FL)

James Feeley (MA)

Mr. Steven Feinberg (MA)

Arthur F. Ferguson (NY)

Carol Fetkenhour (AZ)

William Fick (NC)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Fidler (TX)

Carol Fields (AR)

Mr. Howard Fine (OR)

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Finegold, in memory of Ruth and Samuel Finegold (MA)

Renee Fink (FL)

Joan Finkelstein (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Finnegan (NY)

Frank J. Fiorina, in honor of Karen Atwood (WI)

†Mrs. Henry F. Fischbach (NY)

Richard Fishel, Jr. (MN)

†Betsy Fitzgerald (WA)

Betty Fitzgerald, in memory of Ed Greene (PA)

Roberta Fitzgerald, in memory of Leah Damon Fitzgerald (RI)

William Fitzpatrick (MD)

Shirley Flanagan (MI)

Florence Fletcher (MA)

Janet Flores (OR)

Nona C. Flores (IL)

Drs. James & Twila Floyd (AL)

Robert Follett (CO)

Mrs. Elizabeth C. Forster (NY)

Mr. Hugh Forward (VA)

Mr. and Mrs. John Fouhey (NY)

Janet Fox (PA)

†Mr. Meredith Fox (TX)

Neva Rae Fox (NJ)

Frederick T. Francis III (NY)

Ernest Frankenberg (WA)

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Edwards (FL)

Elinor Franz (MO)

The Helen Clay Frick Foundation (PA)

†Helmut N. Friedlaender (NY)

†Jack N. Friedman (FL)

Douglas Frobese (TX)

Evie Frost (MA)

Cary Frumess (NY)

Mary Frumkin, in memory of Greg Frumkin (CA)

Ms. Betsy Fryberger (CA)

Mrs. John Fuller (CO)

Neil Funkhouser (NY)

Sandra S. Furman (NH)

Furth Family Foundation (NY)

Dr. Thomas Fynan (MA)

Frederica Gamble (NY)

Steen Gammeltoft, MD, Copenhagen, Denmark (Denmark)

John Gardner (NC)

Jennie S. Garrison, in memory of Dottie Stevens (CA)

Michael Gaudet (AB)

Mr. and Mrs. David Gay (NM)

Mr. Emmett Geary, Jr. (LA)

Mr. William Geekie (NY)

†Edward V. Geist, in memory of Florence Geist (NY)

†Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gelsthorpe (MA)

Dr. Melvin D. George (MO)

Michael and Jacqueline George (TX)

†Elizabeth Gerber (TN)

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Gerstein (NY)

Janet E. Gertz (NY)

†Margherita Getman, in memory of John Melville Woods (CT)

John Gettier (CT)

Mr. Frank Ghigo (WV)

†Barbara Gibbons (NY)

Dr. Mary W. Gibbons (CA)

Lucia and John Gilbert, PhD (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gilkey (MD)

Ms. Patricia Gillis (AZ)

Dr. Howard E. Gilman (NJ)

John S. Gilmor (HI)

Mrs. F. B. Gilmore (NE)

Joan Gilroy (Canada)

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Ginsburg (VA)

Gladys D. Giordano, in memory of Maria G. Volino (NY)

The Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani (NY)

Bertille Glass, in honor of Jacqueline B. Mars (NJ)

Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Glaze (DE)

Gertrude Glenn (MD)

Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Glienna (CA)

Joan Golan, in memory of Lena M. Marlow (NY)

Lynn C. Goldberg (NY)

Dr. Robert Goldberger (MI)

Edward Goldenberg, M.D. (DE)

Lyn Goldman (Canada)

Stuart and Alice Goldman (NY)

Laurel Gonsalves (NY)

†John Edmond Gonzales (MS)

Beverley R. Gooch (TN)

†Len and Audrey Goodfriend, in memory of Loretta Reinhold (NY)

†Mary A. Goodman in honor of Margaret Juntwait (AZ)

Roe Goodman (NJ)

James E. Goodnight, Jr. (CA)

Mr. Richard Goodspeed (TX)

Mr. Mark C. Gordon (MN)

Robert Gorman (FL)

Thomas C. Gorrian (NJ)

Sarah Gotch, in honor of Maudellen N. Greenhood (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gottwald Jr (VA)

Dorothy Gravesmill, in honor of Risë Stevens (IL)

John W. Gray (Canada)

Virginia Gray (NY)

Estelle B. Greco, in memory of Salvatore F. Greco (NY)

†Edwin M. Green (NJ)

Emily Greenberg (NY)

†Marilyn B. Greenberg (NY)

Stephen and Marilyn Greene (NY)

Mrs. Robert M. Greenhood (CA)

Susan Gregory, in honor of The Honorable Gerald C. Escala (NY)

Traute Grether, in memory of Tobias Grether (CA)

John F. Gribos (MA)

David Griffel (NY)
Margaret R. Griffel (NY)

Dr. and Mrs. Ward O. Griffen, Jr. (MI)

Laurie A. Griffith (WA)

In honor of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Groten (PA)

Jeffrey Grotte (VA)
Mrs. Helen K. Groves (TX)

Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Groves (NY)

Dr. and Mrs. John Gruninger (MA)

Mary L. Guertler (NY)

†Deirdre Gunnison (MA)

†Helen Haas (ME)

Don Haefner (MI)

George F. W. Haenlein (WV)

June Hajjar (VA)

Ann T. Hale (MA)

†David C. Hall (IL)

†David W. Hall (AZ)

Mr. and Mrs. John Hall (NY)

Nancy K. Hall (MA)

Mark Halperin (NY)

Dr. Cornelia W. Hamilton (CT)

Ms. Nancy M. Hamilton (MI)

Lydia K. Hamilton, in honor of Lee Hamilton Glatzer (MD)

Pamalee Hamilton, in memory of Bradley Hamilton (CA)

Marie A. Hamly, in memory of Charles D. Hamly (FL)

Louis Hammack (IL)

Mary M. Hammond (MA)

Eleanor Sheedy Hamric (NJ)

Mr. Richard Hancock (MD)

Sarah Harding (IL)

Logan Hardison (CA)

Brigitte A. Hardtmann, in memory of Goetz Hardtmann (NJ)

Christine Hardy, in memory of Bret Tilson (CA)
Mrs. Annabelle Hargreaves (PA)

†Joyce N. Harlan (OR)

Mr. and Mrs. G. Neil Harper (MA)

John Harper, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)

Stephen C. Harrison (MA)

Linda Hartig (CT)

Susan Hartwell (NY)

Betty E. Haskell (TX)

John Haskell (NY)

Barbara A. Hawkins, in memory of Opal M. Soule (CA)

Margaret S. Hayden, in memory of Colonel Richard A. Soch (TX)
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Hays (NY)

In Memory of Joseph M. Hayes, Jr. (NY)

†Dr. Jane Hazlett (PA)

Barbara P. Healey, in memory of Frank H. Healey, Jr. (MA)

Ms. Margaret Healy (PA)

Dan Heartz (CA)

Alan Heath (VA)

R. William Heckel (France)

Mary Jane Heitzmann (MO)

Rosalie Heller (NM)

Mr. and Mrs. John Henn (MA)

E. O. Henneman (VA)

Barbara Hennig (NY)

Mr. Michael J. Henry (NJ)

Michael Herschler, in memory of Freda Herschler (OH)

Susan Herter (NM)

Willard J. Hertz (ME)

Judith Herz (Canada)

Dr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Heyman (CA)

Walter I. Heyman (CA)

Mrs. Susan S. Heyneman (MT)

Kirk D. Hickey, in memory of Thomas Hickey (TX)

Mary Hicks (NY)

Diana Higgins, in memory of Carolyn Hawes (IL)

†Dorothy Hiltner (MT)

Mary Hinds, in honor of Lucille Curtis (TX)
Alan R. Hinman (GA) 

Gloria R. Hirsch, in memory of Theodore M. Hirsch (FL)

Mr. and Mrs. R. Hodges (WA)

Joan Evelyn Hofmann (CT)

Beth Hoger (MI)

Deanna Holden (NY)

Linda Hollick (NY)

Mona Hollier, in memory of John Bodemuller Hollier (LA)

†Lorraine J. Holmberg (MN)

In honor of Dr. John Holstad (IA)

†Charlotte Holton (NY)

Karl Holtzschue, in memory of Mabel C. Holtzschue (NY)

Richard H. Holzer Memorial Foundation (NJ)

Emily C. Hood (MA)

John Hoody (CT)

†Howard J. Hook, Jr. (NY)

†Placidia Hopkins (CA)

Barbara Horn, in honor of Elayne Horn (NY)

Marilyn Horne (NY)

Sally Horntvedt (GA)

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Horowitz, in memory of Frances Vaughan (NY)

John and Teri Horvath, in memory of Seymour Goldberg (MD)

Donald Hoskins (PA)

Michael House (VA)

Jim and Mary Houston (IL)

Stanley S. Houston (MT)

David Howard (KS)

Embry Howell (DC)

†Sarah Katherine Hoyt, in memory of Katherine Durfee Hoyt (MI)

†Susanne F. Hubbach (CO)

Geraldine Hubbell (LA)

Mr. Hibert R. Hubble (MD)

Mrs. Caroline Huber (NJ)
Mr. Thomas Huber (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Huber (HI)

Margaret Hudson (TN)

Richard and †Dorothy Hulbert (NY)

Bradford L. Humphrey (CA)

Marcia J. Hunkins (MA)

Mr. John R. Hupper (NY)

Dr. and Mrs. James Hurley (NY)

George C. Hutchinson III (NY)

Courtney Iglehart (MD)

David K. and Kay Duke Ingalls (NM)

Charles Ingraham (NY)

Waltraud Ireland (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Irvine (NY)
Mr. Joseph Isolano (CT)

Joan Ivory (Canada)

†Marjorie Jack (Canada)

Ms. Bonnie Jackson (NY)

Dr. Duke Jackson, Jr. (WA)

Mr. and Mrs. George T. Jacobi (WI)

Frederick L. Jacobson, in honor of Harold Kuskin (NY)

Jacoby Foundation (FL)

In honor of Bette C. Jacquart (WI)

Linda James (WA)

Mr. Charles Januska (WA)

Rebecca Jarabak (IL)

Ms. Rena Jefferson (England)

Jeffery Jens, in memory of Lee Jens (IL)

Mrs. Richard Jessup, in memory of Ruth Jessup (MI)

Bettie S. Johnson (MO)

Edward Stidworthy Johnson (Canada)
Miss Gail Greene Johnson (GA)

Marion L. Johnson, in memory of Robert F. Johnson (MN)

Mary Johnson (CA)

John F. Johnston (NY)

Sharon Johnston (IL)

Bryan H. Jones (TX)

†Marilyn S. Jones, in honor of Monica D. Otal (MI)

James Jordan (VA)

Ms. Jennifer Jones (MN)

Carol A. Jory, in memory of Martha M. Hughes (KS)

Irene and Jacob Judd, in memory of Mary Bryce-Jennings (NY)

A listener in rural New York, in honor of Margaret Juntwait (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Just (OH)

Dr. Alan Kagan (FL)

Louis E. Kahn, in memory of Karleen Martin and Dorothy Worthington (DC)

Abraham Kaplan Charitable Foundation (MA)

Donald Kaplan (MA)

Mr. Norman M. Kaplan (TX)

Sherwin Kaplan (GA)

William W. Karatz (FL)

Joann Karges (TX)

Andrea Karls (MA)

Philip Karn, Sr. (MD)

M. R. Brian Kates (NY)

G. Kaufman (DC)

Karen R. Kay (MA)

Abigail Kazanowski (MA)

Miss Beryl E. Kean (VI)

†Mr. and †Mrs. Edward W. Keane (NY)

Mr. and †Mrs. William L. Keefauver (NJ)

Mrs. Travis Keeler (WA)

Mr. Manfred Kehlenbeck (Canada)

Ms. Miriam Kelen (MN)

Richard P. Kelisky (NY)

Margaret A. Keller (PA)

†Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Kellermann (DC)

Raymond O'S. Kelly (NV)

Gil Kemp (FL)

Arthur G. Kent, in memory of Monica and Robert Kent (GA)

Miss Martha Kester (CO)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kevles, in honor of Julius Rudel (NY)

Judith H. Kidd (MA)

Norbert Kidd (MI)

Leslie S. Kiefer (DC)

Robert H. Kieft (MN)

Paul and Katherine Killoran (ME)

†Jay F. Kimball (MD)

Ms. Lois A. Kinneberg (AZ)

Dr. Walter L. Kirchner (NM)

John O. Kirkpatrick (TX)

Mr. and Mrs. James Kissman (OR)

Ms. Betsy S. Kleeblatt (DC)

Dr. Jay Kleiman, in honor of Dr. Morton and Anne Kleiman (IL)

Hanna Klein (NY)

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Klein (NY)

Jo Ann Klein, in memory of Arthur L. Klein (MA)

Judith Klein (NY)

Katharine Kleinke (CA)

Mary Kneip (CA)

John D. Knoernschild, in honor of Prof. Himie Voxman (NY)

Anne Knoll (NJ)

Mary Knox (VA)

Myrta B. Knox, in memory of Anna Kaskas (NY)

Dr. and Mrs. Michael F. Koehl, in memory of Paul Vilardi, M.D. (TX)

Mr. and Ms. Richard Koerner (MA)

Vera Kohn (FL)

Mr. Edward Komara (NY)

Elaine Kones (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kornblatt (Canada)

Paul J. Korshin (PA)

Judith Kostman (NY)

Marta Kotyza (NY)

Peg and Michael Kramer, in honor of the marriage of Sara Duchovnay and Brian
       Langenmayr (PA)

Mercedes Kratz (FL)

Karen Krenitsky, in memory of Elizabeth M. Fisher (PA)

In memory of Charlotte Kriegel (NY)

Dr. and Mrs. G.B. Krivchenia II (OH)

Peter Kroll (NY)

†Margaret Kruse (MA)

Anne Kubelik, in memory Of Lillian Kubelik (VA)

Mr. Arthur Kuckes (NY)

Heidi Kuehn (PA)

Kenneth Kuehnl (WA)

Dr. Robert B. Kugel (VA)

Ms. Linden Kuhn (OH)

Barbara W. Kummel, in memory of Aida L. Wiener (NY)

†Lionel Lackey, in memory of Doris S. Lackey (SC)

Richard C. Lafave (TX)

Mr. Robert Laibstain (VA)

Phyllis B. Lambert (Canada)

Ellen Lambiris (NC)

Dr. Barbara Lambl (MA)

Anthony and Cynthia Lamport (NY)

†Edith L. Landau (NY)

Margery O. Lane, in memory of Dr. Lenoir Wright (NC)

Mary J. Lane (NY)

Judge and Mrs. J. Perry Langford (CA)

Lans Eisner Family Foundation (NY)

†Peter Lanzetti, in memory of Renata Tebaldi (MA)

Ellen Lask, in memory of Thomas and Shirley Lask (NY)

Suzanne Laurence Lavey (NY)

Dr. B. E. Lawrence (NY)

Belina Lazzar (CA)

Jon Lederer (MD)

Dr. Martin Lederman (NY)

Mr. Maurice Lee (PA)
Ms. Jan Leeds (TX)

Dr. Miriam LeGare, in memory of Ronald and Florine DuFresne (CA)

Russell Leib and John Kleis (PA)

C. and M. Leith (OR)

Susan M. Leland, in honor of Phyllis B. and Edmund R. Davis (MA)

Suzanne Lemakis, in memory of Frederick O. Wright (NY)

Emily Lemer (NY)

Patrick Lenaghan (NJ)

David S. Lermond (DE)

Ms. L. Christine Lester (CA)

Thomas J. Lester, M.D. (NY)

†Diana LeStourgeon (PA)

Mr. Irwin H. Levin (CA)

Jennifer and Larry Levine, in memory of Norma Levine (CA)

Leonard Levine (CA)

Richard Levine (NJ)

Ruth Levine (NY)

Donald Levy (IL)

Florence Levy (OR)
Susan and †Paul Levy (NY) 

Trudy B. Levy, in memory of Kal and Pearl Levy (VA)

Leone Lewensohn (WI)

Jane Lewin (MD)

Blanche Z. Lewis (PA)

†Mrs. Elsie Lieber (OR)
Mrs. Jane Liehmann (NY)

Ben Liles, Jr. (TX)

Dr. Thomas Lincoln (TN)

Marilyn S. Linden (RI)

Magnus Lindgren (Sweden)

Phyllis Lindley (CA)

†Jane Lingo (DC)

In memory of Mrs. E. Lipetz (NY)

†Claire List (NH)

Selina F. Little (MA)

Dr. John A. Lochead (Canada)

Helen Lodge, in memory of Beverly Sills (WI)

Rabbi Mark G. Loeb (MD)

†Louise Lombardo, in memory of Louis D'Angelo (NJ)

Dr. and Mrs. Herschel H. Loomis, Jr. (CA)

Janet A. Loranger (CA)

†Joan Lorber (NY)

Dr. Lesley H. Losacco, in honor of Raymond Losacco (PA)

Samuel J. Losh, in honor of Lorna G. Losh (CA)
Mrs. Eleanor Lowenthal (CT)

Elaine and Henry E. Lowey, in memory of Frederick Lowey (MA)

Dana Loytved (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Y. Lui (TX)

Ms. Dorette P. S. Luke (HI)

†Anne Marie Lundquist (MD)

Charles Lyngar, Jr. (TX)

Patriciann Lyons (NY)

James Lytle (DC)

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Mack, in memory of Alfredo Kraus
    & Donald Gramm (IL)

Charles MacKay, in honor of Mary Susan MacKay (NM)

John P. MacKenzie (NY)

Loretta MacLean, in memory of James K. MacLean (TN)

Ms. Lorinda Madison (TX)

Lucille Maffei, in memory of Josephine Piccininni (NY)

Mrs. Glenn E. Magee (NY)

Frances Magurno (NY)

Frank Maher (CT)

Miriam Malach, in memory of Doris Tobias (NY)

Mr. Laird Malamed (WA)

Pamela Maldonado (FL)
Ms. Gloria Malkin (MD)

Richard Malkin (CA)

Edward Mallon (NH)

†Nancy Malone, in memory of Gloria Stuart (CA)

†C. Marvin Mandery (MN)

Miriam Mangot (NJ)

Mr. and Mrs. John Manlove, in honor of George Theodore (MD)

Estate of Ruth Harvey Manning (CT)

Mr. and Mrs. Kendall L. Manock (CA)

Ms. Marietta A. Marchitelli (MA)

Mr. Peter Marcus (MA)

Howard Mardell (IL)

Mr. Joseph Mari (MA)

Norma B. Marin, in memory of Bernard A. Vezzetti (ME)

†Shirley K. Markey (TX)

Mary E. Marshall, in memory of Beverly Sills (OR)

Dr. C. Paul Martin (NE)

Janet Martin (CA)

Jorge Martinez (FL)

Mr. L. Martling (NY)

Carol Marx (LA)

†Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Masland, in memory of William Douglas Masland (MA)

Elizabeth Upjohn Mason (MI)

†Francis Mason (NY)

Ms. Carol Mastrosati (PA)

Shoko Masuda (CT)

Milo C. Matthews (CA)

Cheryl May, in memory of Herbert and Elziabeth Stray (WA)

Felicia S. May (AZ)

Lisa Mayer (MA)

James McCaffrey (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. Leighton McCarthy (Bahamas)

W. R. McCarthy (MN)

Camilla McCaslin (DC)

Emily McClintock (MA)

Mr. David McCormick (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. William A. McCormick (CA)

Mr. William McCracken (CO)

Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation (NY)

Barbara McCullough (NY)

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher McDonald (NC)

Martin G. McDonald (FL)

Danna McDonough (CA)

Peggy Weber McDowell (GA)

†George McElroy, in memory of Jane W. Stedman (MI)

Etta McEwan (Canada)

Ms. Shelley McGehee (GA)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. McGill III (FL)

John McGregor (AZ)

John H. McGuckin, Jr., in memory of Monsignor Thomas S. Merson (CA)

William D. McIntosh (MO)

†Mary E. McKinney (TX)

†Jason McVicker, in memory of Regine Crespin (IL)

Lorraine J. Meeker, in memory of Mary Patsuris (NY)

Rebecca Meiklejohn (NY)

†Mary L. Melling, In memory of Virginia M. Sender and Beverly Sills (VA)

Marilyn Meltzer, in memory of Judith C. Wolf (CA)

Joseph F. Merklin (KS)

Pamela Merrill, in memory of Director Nathaniel Merrill (CO)

Robert Merryman (CA)

Cecile Mertens (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mesaros (VT)

†Priscilla R. Meyer (NJ)

Stephen J Meyer III (IL)

Lynn C. Meyers, in memory of Anna Hamlin (NY)

Caryl Mezey, in memory of Barry Morell (CA)

Harvey L. Middleton, in memory of Theodore R. Middleton (CT)

†Nina Miglionico (AL)

Burnett and Mimi Miller (CA)

Deborah Miller, in honor of Walter Miller, Jr. (CA)

†Hester Miller, in memory of Kurtz Myers and Alonzo & Mauvorneen
    Pennock (NM)

James R. Miller (England)

†Janice Miller (CA)

Margo Miller, in honor of David Elliot (MA)

†Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Miller, in honor of Margaret Juntwait (NY)

Bernice Millman, in memory of Benjamin Potoker (NY)

John Milner (NY)

Vivian Milstein (NY)

†Mrs. H. H. Minthorn, in honor of Dr. and Mrs. Paul G. Hafner (WA)

Donald and Gwen Moffat (NY)

In honor of Haydee and Carlos A. Mollura (CA)

Dr. Milka M. Montiel (TX)

Betty J. Moore, in honor of Betty and Carl Moore (MI)

Mr. James Moore (WI)

Ms. Veronica O. Moore (VA)

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Moore (CT)

†J. Harris Morgan (TX)

Professor Jeffrey B. Morris (NY)

Richard Morris (RI)

Penny and Robert Morris, in memory of Julie and Ron Peierls (ME)

Dorothe Morton (FL)

Nancy B. Mott (CT)

†Mr. and †Mrs. James W. Moyer (NY)

Bernd Mueller (MI)

Glenn C. Muhr, in memory of Gerda Muhr (MI)

B.J. Mulady, in memory of Arnold Lopez (England)

Pamela Mulcair (Ireland)

Sarah Mullane (WI)

Mrs. James J. Mulligan (OH)

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Murphy (VA)

John R. Murphy, in memory of Evelyn L. Murphy (NJ)

Mr. and  Mrs. Terence Murphy (MD)

†Dr. & Mrs. J. Frederic Mushinski, in memory of Ruth Roberts Mushinski (MD)
Sonia Nahmod (IL)

Ernest Neighbor (KS)

Clifford Neilson (VA)

Edith D. Neimark, in honor of Al and Rena Klein (NJ)

†Ilse Nelson (NY)
Ellen B. Nenner (NY)

Margaret Neuer (NY)

Dr. Anthony D. Nicastri (NY)

Mrs. William B. Nicholson (NJ)

Sheila Nicklas (NC)

Richard Nielsen (CO)

Gregory Nieto, in memory of Eleanor Steber (PA)

Mr. and Mrs. William Noble (Canada)

†Michael Nolan, in honor of Andrew and Margaret Nolan (Ireland)

†Charles Nolte, in memory of Milton Cross (MN)

James and Mary Nordlund (OH)

Thomas Norris, Jr. (NC)

Robert Norton, in memory of Elizabeth Soderstrom (NJ)

Ms. Joyce Nussbaum (NJ)
Carol Obermann (WV)

Ms. Kathleen O'Brien (IL)

Mr. Richard L. O'Brien (NE)

†Patricia F. O'Connor (IL)

Mrs. Merry T. O'Donnell (PA)

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Oelsner, Jr. (NY)

†Anita O'Gara (NY)

†Patricia C. O'Grady, in memory of Ethel Stone O'Grady (NY)

Rollo O'Hare (MI)

Ms. Ellen O'Leary (MA)

Daniel O'Neil (TX)

O'Shaughnessy Family Foundation (MO)

Karen Ojamaa (MA)

Ruth Oland (Canada)

Harry A. Olund (OR)

Joe Onek, in memory of Jacob J. Onek (DC)

Opera Showcase of the Desert (CA)

Wendell E. Orr (MI)

†Mrs. Barnet D. Ostrow (NY)

Steven Ostrow, in memory of Dr. Stanley J. Ostrow (NY)
Austin O'Toole, in memory of Helen V. O'Toole (TX)

Marilyn Ott (OH)

†Edith H. Overly (MA)

Jean Owens (NY)

Mrs. Ilga Ozolins (OH)

Mildred and Joseph Paden (NJ)

Terri Padgett (TX)

Ana Marie Pages (DC)

Constance Paine and Peter S. Paine (NY)

Palm Springs Opera Guild of the Desert (CA)

Beverly Panken (NY)

Rosemary Paparo, in memory of Norman Buchbinder (NY)

Eugene A. Papay (NJ)

Joan Pape (Canada)

Mrs. Frank Papp (NY)

Susan Papp (NJ)

Kevin Park and Steven Raihl (WI)

†Mrs. Robert Parker (CA)

Mr. Richard Parrish (NE)

In honor of Charles H. Parsons (OH)

Dr. G. F. Paskusz (CA)

Michael E. Patnode (MA)

Dr. James L. Patterson, Jr. (MT)

LeRoy R. Patterson (MI)

†Roger Pattison (England)

Barbara Paul, in memory of Sonya Shen (NY)

Virginia Payne (TX)

Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Payson, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)

Gregory R. Pease (DC)

†Victoria L. Pennoyer (NY)

John H. Percy, in memory of Beverly Sills (MO)
Mr. Robert S. Perkin (CT)

Mark Perkins (NJ)

Ann M. Peters, in memory of Harold Wayland (HI)

Elisabeth T. Peterson, in memory of Henry Barton Thomas (MA)

†Mrs. Robert L. Peterson (MD)

Dr. John H. Peterson (NY)

Mrs. Robert L. Peterson, in memory of Robert L. Peterson (FL)

Mary Petrelli, in memory of Nikolas (OH)

Viktoras Petroliunas, in memory of Maribeth Petroliunas (IL)

Dr. and Mrs. Roland S. Philip (OH)

Jocelyn D. Phillips, in memory of Daniel J. Phillips (WA)

Julia Phillips, in memory of Spencer K. Phillips (OR)

Marjorie K. Phillips, in memory of Spencer K. Phillips (IL)

Mr. Shion Piggott (NY)
George Pilcher (OH) 

Theodore Pincus (IL)

H. P. Pinnell (IL)

Claire Pipolo (NY)

†Mr. and Mrs. William M. Pitcher (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pizzarello (NY) 

David Platt (VA)

†Patricia D. Plym (IN)

Gerold E. Pokorny (AZ)

Elisabeth Poliacoff, in memory of Mary A. Wong (NJ)

Cat Jagger Pollon, in loving memory of Luciano Pavarotti (CA)

Ms. Mary Ann Polley (MN)

Vsevolod Popov, in memory of Natalia Shimanskaya (TX)

Ruth L. Post (MI)

Julie Potter, in memory of Ruthetta and Howard Connell (CT)

Mr. Phillip Potter (OH)

Mrs. Helen C. Prather (CA)

Precision International (NY)

F. H. Prem, Jr. (NH)

Bruce Prentice (Canada)

†Dr. Kazuko K. Price (VA)

H. Priest (CA)

Richard N. Priest (MO)

Sandra Pierson Prior (NY)

Rene Prochelle (NY)

Mr. Morgan Procter (NJ)

Neva Pruess (NE)

Nancy Purdy, in memory of Dorothy Purdy (NJ)

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Purves (CT)

Alexandra Pyle (NM)

Salvatore Rabbio, in memory of Frank and Eufemia Rabbio (MI)

†Dr. William F. Railing (PA)

Gregg Rainone, in honor of Marilyn Greenberg (FL)

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Raje (NM)

Dave Ralston, in memory of Margaret Juntwait (CA)

Mrs. Renee Rapaporte (MA)

†Dana Raphael (CT)

†Robert K. Reddy, in memory of Perry E. Gianakos (TN)

Judy and Paul Redfern (NJ)

†Norman and Evelyn Redlich (NY)

Margaret Redmond, in memory of Doris Roethke Redmond (MN)

Ann T. Reed (MO)

Arthur M. Reed (MD)

In memory of Charlotte P. Reed (FL)

Elizabeth E. Reed (NY)

Mrs. William Reeves (VA)

Dennis Regan (MI)

Mrs. William R. Reid (WA)

†Louise Austin Remmey (MD)

David Reppa, in honor of Michael Bronson (CA)

Regina Rheinstein (NY)

Norma M. Ricci (MA)

Daniel Rice (NM)
Ms. Jacqueline Rizik (DC)

Dr. Richard E. Romm (OR)

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Richardson (PA)

†Ronald Richardson (MA)

Susan Richardson, in memory of Marion R. Bleyler (OH)

†Virginia Ridder (NY)

G. T. Ringe (OR)

†Mavis Roach, in memory of Isabel Claussen (FL)

Dorothy Robbins (MA)

Kenneth Roberts, Jr. (VT)

Reni Roberts, in memory of Kurt and Lore Roberts (NY)

Phil Robertson (PA)

Susan Robertson, in memory of Jim Condon (MA)

Martha Robinson, in memory of Jeremiah Monk (NY)

Jack Rokahr (CA)

Edythe Roland, in memory of Jack J. Roland (FL)

Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Roloff (IL)

Mrs. A. Roodenburg (NY)

Elizabeth Roosevelt, in memory of Virginia Armantront (NY)

Rose Foundation, Inc. (NY)

†Mr. and Mrs. Irving Rose (MI)

Polly Rose (NM)

Dr. Benjamin A. Rosenberg (NY)

Burton X. and Sheli Z. Rosenberg (IL)

Sylvia M. Rosenberg, in memory of Abraham I. Rosenberg (NY)

Buena Rosenbloom (NJ)

William I. Rosenblum (NY)

Marjorie Rosenthal (NY)
June Haigh Ross, in memory of Elmer Haigh, Sr. and Robert H. Ross (PA)

†Maxine Rosston (AK)

Elsa Roth (IL)

Marguerite Roth, in memory of Joseph A. Goossens (CA)

Eckhard Rothe (Canada)
Albert Rowland (PA)

Richard Roy, in memory of Harry H. Benson (ME)

Donald W. Rude (VA)

David Rudo (WA)

Mary K. Rundell (IL)

Barbara Russell, in memory of Beatrice Gilblett (WA)

Doug Russell (Canada)

Dr. and Ms. James Russell (WA)

Marion Russell, in memory of William H. Morriss (CT)

William Russell, in honor of Chris and Helen Gates (CT)

Mr. Thomas A. Russo (PA)

Susan Rust (OR)

Dr. Wilbur Rust, in memory of William Mark Rust (FL)

Ms. Lois H. Ruttenberg (VT)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Rutter (PA)

Anne M. Ryan (NC)

Mr. and Mrs. Reade H. Ryan, Jr. (NY)

Kay and Richard Ryder, M.D. and Steve Ryder, M.D. (FL)

Seymour M. Sabesin, MD, in memory of Hy Miller (IL)

Mr. Paul Sack (CA)

Rosalind Sackoff, in memory of Helen Georgeou (NY)

Eugene L. Saenger, Jr. (OH)

Mr. and Mrs. James Saks (OH)

Maxine F. Salamon (FL)

Peter Salamon, in memory of Elizabeth Altman (CA)

Lynn Salvador (TX)

Charlene Salzman, in honor of the marvelous weekly broadcasts (IL)

Ms. Patricia Sanborn (ME)

David A. Sanchez (WA)

Mrs. T. B. Sanders (GA)

Ms. Y. Sanielevici Destribats (France)

Ed Sargent (TX)

Gwendolyn Sarnoff (NY)

David L. Scally (MD)

Thomas Scarlett (MD)

†Mrs. William Scharffenberger (NY)

Mr. Franklin Scharmer (CT)

Robert L. Scheer, MD, in memory of Lynne Scheer (NY)

M. Schick and K. Hanson (WA)

Alfred Schlosser (NY)

Miss Katherine Schmidt (CA)

Nancy J. Schmidt (IN)

Mr. Henry Schmoll (CO)

Mr. Herbert Schneider (FL)

Mr. Murray Schneider (FL)

Dr. Rachel R. Schneider (OH)

Teresa Schofield, in memory of Anna Dion (OH)

Mr. Roger Scholl (NY)

†Katharine J. Schrader (PA)
Nan C. Schubel, in memory of Beverly Sills (AZ)

Janet R. Schultz (OH)

Jon L. Schumacher (NY)

David S. Schwartz (NY)
Nina Schwartz, in honor of Bernice Braid Witkovsky (CA) 

†Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schweitzer (IL)

Dr. and Mrs. John H. Seashore (CT)

Ms. Janet Segal (NY)

Mr. Robert L. Segrin (CA)

Susan A. Seigle, in memory of Stewart P. Seigle (NY)

G. R. Seligson (CA)

Peter Serchuk (CA)

Bernard Shapiro, in honor of Lois Shapiro (Canada)

David Shayne (IL)

Charles O. Shearouse (TX)

Robert Sheffield (NY)

Nancy K. Shephard (IN)

Donna C. Sheppard (VA)

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Sheppard (TN)

Dorothy Sherburne, in memory of Frank C. Sherburne, Jr. (MI)

Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Sherman (NY)

Rebecca Sheuerman (CA)

Dr. Edward Shipwright (HI)

Karen Shirer (CT)

Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Shochet (IL)

Marilyn Siebold (DE)

Deborah A. Siegele, in memory of V. McMullen and P. A. Boehm (TX)

Richard A. Sillman (CT)

Lillian W. Silver (NY)

Corinne Silvert (CT)

Ian T. Simmons, in memory of Joye Simmons (MD)

Dr. Kathleen Simo (MN)

Wendy B. Simon and Richard M. Schwartz (NY)

Mr. & Mrs. Scott Simonds (MI)

Barbara B. Simons, in memory of David Stivender (MA)

Dean Simonton (CA)

Ms. Beatrice Simpson (AZ)

†Alan and †Eleanor Singer (MA)

Roberta Singer (IL)

John Singler (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sinsar (CA)

Susan Skovronek (FL)

Ms. Jacqueline Slater, in memory of Joseph Gentile (NY)

Mrs. Lee Slaughter (NY)

†Doris J. Sleight (NY)

Charles and Norma Slifer (GA)
Barbara Sloan (NY)

Carol L. Sloan (NY)

Veronica Slobodian (Canada)

Benjamin H. Smith (WA)
Ms. Bertie Smith (LA)

Brian and Jane Smith, in memory of Ruth Lathrop (MO)

Dana Smith (LA)

Edgar A. Smith (DC)

Mr. and Mrs. James Smith (WA)

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Smith, in honor of Toko O. Nagase (IL)

James L. Smith (NM)

Joyce H. Smith, in memory of William W. Smith (NY)

Sarah E. Smith, in memory of Donald K. Smith (FL)

Sharon Smith (NY)

Mr. Richard C. Snider (CT)

Fred Sohn (OR)

Carl A. Sokoll (PA)

Cathy Solomon (NJ)

Patricia Somers (England)

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Sorensen, in memory of Malcolm Andresen (MN)

Eva M. Sorenson, in memory of James E. Sorenson (WI)

Howard Soroos (VA)

Ethel Soto (LA)

Ingeborg Souther (CA)

Susanne L. Spangler, in memory of Bob Fagan (CA)

Dr. Marshall Sparberg (IL)

Dr. Joyce Sparling (NC)

Mrs. Elizabeth Speer, in memory of Edmund M. Speer (NY)

†Elizabeth Speyer (FL)

Phoebe Spinrad (OH)

Mary Spollen (Ireland)

†Paul Spong (NY)

†George Sponhaltz (CA)

Edward Sprague (KY)

Grace M. Spruch (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert St. John (NM)
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Staley (AZ)

Barbara H. Stanton (NY)

Antoinette Stapper (MA)

Rev. Philip M. Stark, in honor of Father Owen Lee (RI)

Virginia Starr (PA)

Helen Stein (NY)

†Jane G. Stein (NY)

Dr. Murray R. Steinbart, in memory of Dr. Ella Peters (Canada)

Paul Steinberg (NY)

Dr. Michael Stept (MS)

Mr. David Stern (MD)

Ms. Jan Stevens (CA)

Albert W. Stewart (VA)

†Barbara D. Stewart (GA)

Mr. Charles Stewart (FL)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Stewart (FL)

Mr. Bernard Stotland / CCAR (Canada)

Katherine Strakes (MD)

Dr. Robert I. Strang (Canada)

Dr. and Mrs. Barry S. Strauch (VA)

M. and G. Strauss, in memory of Beverly Sills and Jerry Hadley (NJ)

Ursula Strauss (NY)

Mrs. Cynthia Stribling (CA)

Esperanza Suarez (CT)

Beverly Sullivan (MA)

Mr. Charles Sullivan (MA)

Dr. and Mrs. Roland Summers (GA)

Kathleen Susmann (NY)

Marie and John Sussek (NY)
Martha Sutherland (AR)

Herbert T. Suyematsu (CA)

David Svoboda (CA)

George Svokos (NJ)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sweedler (NY)

Mrs. Douglas Swift (NM)

†Walter M. Swoope, Jr., in honor of Elizabeth S. Sweetow (PA)

†Mr. and Ms. Charles Symington (SC)

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Syverson (NY)

Philip Sze (MD)

Tee Taggert and Jack Turner (MA)

Masako Takayoshi (CO)

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis S. Tamkin (CA)
Mr. Stephen Tan (Hong Kong)

Jay H. Tanenbaum (NY)

Edith Tannenbaum (CA)

†Gerda Taranow (CT)

James L. Tarr, in memory of Bonnie C. Tarr (MI)

Betty K. Taska (MD)

Margrith T. Tatarko (CT)

Evelyn Tate (MA)

Dr. Stephan Taub (VA)

Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Tausend, in memory of Hank Tausend (WA)

Carl Taylor (NH)

†Mr. and Mrs. William K. Tell, Jr. (FL)

John A. Terry (MD)

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Thatcher (CT)

In honor of Wilmer Thomas (NY)

Dr. Ian Thompson (WA)

W. Reid Thompson (MD)

William A. Thorndike (FL)

†Mrs. Charles B. Thornton (CA)

Dr. William B. Thurston (CA)

Dr. and Mrs. James Tillotson (NY)

†Dr. A. G. Tolley (NC)

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Tomboulian, in memory of Ara Berberian (MI)

Robert E. Totels (NJ)

Russell F. Tousley (WA)

Marylin Tracy, in memory of Ruth and J. Joseph Noble (NY)

Mrs. Albert Trager (GA)

Martha J. Trammell (TN)

Mrs. Mary Sidney Treyz (MA)

William C. Trier, M.D., in memory of William C. Trier, Jr. (WA)

Mrs. James Tripp (NY)

Marlys Trunkhill, in memory of Thomas Pyle (WI)

†Elizabeth D. Trussell (NY)

Alice Tucker, in memory of Jack Alfred Estes (OR)

Joseph Turek (MI)

Helen A. Turner (NJ)
Judy Turner (WI)

Nancy R. Turner (CT)

David Turpin (TX)

Ms. Elena Tuttle (CA)

Dr. and Mrs. Emil R. Unanue (MO)

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Undeland (VA)

Colin Ungaro, in memory of George B. Ungaro (NJ)

Faith Urban, in memory of Elizabeth Baker (NY)

†Mary Utley, in memory of Mrs. Margaret Zack (IN)

Beverly May Vail, in honor of Robert Frazer Vail (OH)

Jean Vallier (NY)

Jane Vanbuskirk (CO)

Mrs. Norma Vance (AZ)

Peter J. Vennewitz (OR)

John Verga (NY)

Victor A. Viggiano (NJ)

Betty H. Vlack (CA)

Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation (NY)

Bernt Von Ohlen (MN)

Lois H. Waddington, in memory of Richard Waddington (NJ)

Harriet Wagman, in memory of Anne Gordon (NY)

Ms. Rutheda Wagner (MN)

Rev. Walter Wagner (PA)

K. C. Waldo (VA)

Avonelle S. Walker (NY)

Darcy Walker (VA)

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Elinor Wallace (FL)

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Warner Charitable Gift Fund (DC)

Stephanie R. Warren (CT)

Carol Warshawsky (MA)

Ramona Wascher (OR)

†William Waterhouse (PA)

Mary R. Watson, in memory of Moritz Bomhard (NY)

Thomas Watson, in memory of Lois W. Watson (ME)

Charles Webster (MA)

Elisabeth G. Wedel (AR)

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weinberg (NY)

Ann Weingartner (FL)

Jack Weinstein M.D., in memory of Moses A. Weinstein (NJ)

Dr. Gerald Weintraub (MI)

Professor Charles M. Weiss, in memory of Shirley F. Weiss (NC)

Mrs. Leon C. Weiss (FL)

Katherine B. Weissman (NY)

William R. Weissman (VA)

Dr. Paddy Welles (NY)

Mrs. J. Welles Henderso (PA)

Arvin R. Wells (IN)

Ms. Tanya Wendling (CA)

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Wendt (CT)

Otis Werner, in honor of Rita Streich (IL)

Shirley M. Wersinger (NY)
Ms. Ursula Wertz (CA)

David A. West (VA)

Stephen R. West (CA)

Elaine West-Fry, in memory of Eugene M. Fry (CO)

Cynthia S. Westerman (NY)

Ms. Elke Weyer (WA)

Ruth Wheat (NY)

Roberta Wheeler (MI)

Dorothy M. Whelan, in memory of H. L. Kornmayer (NC)

Judith A. Whetzel (WA)

David White (VA)

Elizabeth White, in honor of Licia Albanese (CA)

Frances H. White (CA)

Howard S. White (IL)

†Robert W. White (TX)

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Mrs. Adelbert E. Whitehurst (LA)

John M. Whitlock (CA)

Nadine Whiton (MD)

Charles Whittemore (CT)

Ellen M. Widiss (IA)

Walter J. Wiechetek, MD (NJ)

Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Wiedemann (TX)

Celia and †Jesse Wiener (FL)

Joan Wigg, in memory of John T. Wigg (NY)

Elizabeth P. Wilburn, in memory of William C. Wilburn, Jr. (MD)

Wayne Wild (MA)

Betty V. Wilde (NM)

†Charles Wilding-White (MD)

Terry Wilkinson (Canada)

Ellen C. Williams, in memory of Ellen U. Williams (FL)

Mary Williams (OH)

Robert Williams, Jr. (FL)

Caroline R. Willms (PA)

Lucius Wilmerding III (CT)

Andrée Désirée Wilson, in memory of my mother Blanche Irene Orsini (MA)

Dr. Victor Wilson, in memory of Isa H. Wilson (NY)

In memory of Gösta Winbergh, Deon van der Walt, and Jerry Hadley (WI)

Patricia S. Winer, in memory of Maria Cook (CT)

Claudia Winkler (IL)

Kathryn B. Winter, in memory of Robert M. Beaumont (IL)

Michael S. Wise (VA)

William B. Wise (MO)

Susan Witt-Butler, in memory of Kenneth Ray Witt (CA)
Mrs. Roma Wittcoff (AZ)
Edgar W. Woerner (NJ)

Mr. and Mrs. Raol Wolf, in memory of Jerry Hadley (VA)

†Eva Wolff, in memory of Jack Foa (FL)

†Jean Wolman (NY)

†J. R. Wood, Jr. (TX)

†Mr. & †Mrs. Ralph Wood (TX)

Patricia and John Worden (MA)
Mr. Michael Worley, in memory of Jason T. McVicker (KY)

Dorothy Wortman, in memory of Beverly Sills (NM)

†Thomas L. Wright, in memory of John Edmond Gonzales (AL)

Ralph and †Toni Wyman, in honor of Harry Russell's 90th birthday (CT)

†Helen Yaker, in memory of Charles Yaker (MA)

Dolores Yankauskas (OH)

Joseph Yannotti (NJ)

Albert L. Yarashus (DC)

Judith and Stuart Yarus (TX)

June Yatsunoff, in memory of Joan Gima (HI)

Ms. Valerie Yee (HI)

George Yonemura (NY)

Joan Yood, in memory of Joan Sutherland (MA)

Madeline York (Canada)

C. R. Young (MD)

George Young (FL)

Ouida Young (MA)

Dr. Paul M. Young (OK)

Stanley Young, Jr. (NY)

Robert Youngblood (VA)

Robert Zarbock, in memory of Zinka Milanov (CA)

Dr. Karen Zier (NY)

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zimmerman (NY)

Maxine Zinder (NY)

Michael Zirkle (VA)

Dorothy Zografi (WI)

George Zonov (WA)

ZPR Family Foundation (NJ)

A. C. Zucchi (CA)

Anne M. Zweibel (MN)

Gerard and Pamela Zytnicki (WA)

20 Anonymous Donors

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