Met Titles

Met Titles are a custom-designed system for simultaneous translation created by the Metropolitan Opera. They are available in English, Spanish, and German for all opera performances, and in Italian for all Italian-language operas.

The Met Titles are seen on individual screens on the seat backs, on stanchions and at all Standing Room locations except the Grand Tier.

The screen is controlled by each viewer, so that any audience member who wishes not to utilize Met Titles can choose not to turn them on.

The screens are polarized, therefore they are not easily visible from either side, to minimize intrusion on neighboring seats.

Displays in some boxes slide or pivot to facilitate seating and optimize viewing. Please consult with an usher for instructions on how to adjust these displays.

Prior to use and before each act begins, each unit will display the message “Met Titles: press to view.” To activate the titles, push the red button by the screen. The titles must be re-activated before each act. When activated, prior to the curtain going up, the screen will indicate which act is upcoming.

Please note that titles will appear at irregular intervals as needed, and there will be periods during performances where titles are not appropriate and the screen will be dark.

Met Titles are provided as a free service for our audience members and no ticket refunds will be made for any malfunctions of this service. Should you require any assistance with your Met Titles screen, please consult with an usher.

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