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The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s great novel of the Roaring Twenties is given new life by the Met’s world premiere production of John Harbison’s opera. Jerry Hadley is brilliant as Jay Gatsby, the mysterious but wealthy man whose sudden appearance on Long Island wreaks havoc on the lives of his neighbors. Dawn Upshaw is Daisy Buchanan, the woman from his past whom he still loves. Lorraine Hunt Lieberson gives a gripping performance as Myrtle Wilson, the woman who is sleeping with Daisy’s husband Tom (Mark W. Baker) and who is killed in a hit and run accident—an event that leads to Gatsby’s murder. With Susan Graham and Dwayne Croft as Jordan Baker and Nick Carraway.This performance is taken from the James Levine 40th anniversary CD box set.

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Performance Info

Performance Date

Jan 1, 2000


John Harbison


Libretto by the composer after the novel F. Scott Fitzgerald, with popular song lyrics by Murray Horowitz

Run Time

2 HRS 42 MIN

The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus