Virtual Honors Choir

Audio Tracks and Choreography

You can use the audio tracks on the right-hand side of this page to study the score for “Deh! Placatevi con me”/“Misero giovane!” We’ve included click tracks for the solo piano accompaniment, all vocal parts together, and each individual part. There is also a diction track to help with the Italian pronunciation; each word is spoken slowly and then at tempo. When recording your part, please listen along to the corresponding click track (using headphones or earbuds) so you stay with the accompaniment.

To reflect the Met’s production of Orfeo ed Euridice, we are also inviting you to perform some simple choreography to heighten the performance. There are only three moves: left point, right point, and push hands. On every repetition of “No!” in “Deh! Placatevi con me,” you will do one of these gestures. Please consult the sheet music, which indicates in red text exactly where each movement occurs. Below, you can look at demonstrations of the gestures, as well as corresponding measures for each. Remember, in this piece you are playing the part of the Furies, who refuse to grant Orfeo entrance to the underworld to rescue his beloved Euridice!

Left point (measures 6, 17, 24, and 32):

Right point (measures 7, 18, 25, and 33):

Push hands (measures 9, 19, 27, 34-35):