Peter Gelb
-General Manager

Yannick Nézet-Séguin
-Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer Music Director

Deputy General Manager

Diana Fortuna

Assistant General Managers

Mia Bongiovanni
Gillian Brierley
-Marketing & Communications
Michael Heaston
John Sellars
Marcia Sells
-Chief Diversity Officer
Coralie Toevs

Lee Abrahamian
-Director of Press and Communications
Joe Barnes
-Company Manager
Stephanie Basta
-Chief Human Resources and Labor Relations Officer
Julie Borchard-Young
-Director of Worldwide HD
Melayna Busca
-Senior Director, Marketing and Sales
Peter Clark
-Director of Archives
Matt Dobkin
-Creative Director, Content & Strategy
Jonathan Friend
-Artistic Advisor
Jenna Grein
-Director, House Operations and Facility Management
Dodie Kazanjian
-Director of the Arnold & Marie Schwartz Gallery Met
Ilan Kravic
-Director of Planning & Operations Analysis
Henry A. Lanman
-General Counsel
Thomas Lausmann
-Director of Music Administration
Jeffrey Mace
-Director of Production Operations
Laura Mitgang
-Director of Production Administration
Elena Park
-Executive Producer, Radio & Supervising Producer, Live in HD
Melissa Wegner
-Executive Director Lindemann Young Artist Development Program
& Laffont Competition

Artistic Administration

Paul Hopper
-Associate Artistic Administrator
Paul Cremo
-Dramaturg / Director of Opera Commissioning Programs
Pamela Walsh
-Artistic Liaison
Dimitri Kontos
-Artistic Associate
Wendy Skoczen
-Chief Librarian
Jennifer Johnson
Àngels Martinez
-Assistant Librarians
Donna Lampasso
-Manager, Contract Administration
Daniel Hoy
-Chorus Administrator
Terri Horak
-Manager, Music Administration
Alicia Edwards
-Children’s Administrator
Rachel Hocking
-Office Manager, Orchestra

Rehearsal Department

Veronika Arkhangel
-Rehearsal Department Director
Kate Avery
-Rehearsal Administrator
Hannah McDermott
-Rehearsal Associate

Actors & Dancers

Gillian Smith
-Managing Director
Jordan Ungerer

Laffont Competition

Brady Walsh

Lindemann Young Artist Development Program

Meredith LaBouff


David Feheley
-Technical Director
Gabrielle Heerschap
-Assistant Technical Director
Kiera Bennett
-Technical Administrator
Scott Cavallo
Neil Stoelting
Bethany Windham
-Technical Assistants
Lee Milliken
-Production Manager
Elizabeth Mills
-Assistant Production Manager
Angela McCormack
-Production Coordinator
Regina Van Scott
-Logistics Coordinator
Janelle Hurst
-Senior Coordinator
Jazzmyne Wong
-Production Finance Coordinator
Cathleen Oliva
-Office Assistant
Eva Santiago
-Administrative Assistant / Construction Shop
Samuel Flores
-Administrative Assistant / Electric Department
Alexandra Endres
-Administrative Associate / Costume Shop
Katherine Meade
-Administrative Associate / Properties
Michaela O’Neill
-Administrative Associate / Wardrobe, Wigs, and Makeup


John Froelich
-Resident Lighting Designer
Aaron Sporer
-Associate Staff Lighting Designer
Justine Burke
Keri Thibodeau
-Assistant Staff Lighting Designers
Sylvia Nolan
-Resident Costume Designer
Mitchell Bloom
-Assistant Staff Costume Designer
David Peterson
-Staff Scenic Designer
Aram Kim
-Assistant Staff Scenic Designer

Stage Directors

Paula Suozzi 
-Executive Stage Director
Brian Hurst
-Production Administrator
Logan Enze
-Production Assistant
Camille Hayes
-Stage Director Fellow

Stage Management

Raymond Menard
-Production Stage Manager
John Coleman
-Theresa Ganley
Yasmine Kiss
-Cristobel Langan
Margo Maier-Moul
Scott Moon
-Stage Managers
Aletha Saunders
-Stage Manager Fellow

Stage & Shop Operations

Christopher Urciuoli
-Master Carpenter
Philip J. Volpe
-Master Electrician
Jason Hamilton
-Properties Master
Robert Weisz
-Construction Shop Head
Robert Moody
-Chargeman Scenic Artist
Stephanie Spangler
-Director, Costume, Wardrobe, Wigs and Makeup
Robert Bulla
-Acting Costume Head
Yvonne Lee
-First Draper
Bryant Hoven
-First Tailor
Borhan Ahmed
Timothy Church
-Costume Production Supervisors
Tera Willis
-Head of Wigs/Makeup
Maria Torre
-Assistant Head of Makeup
Riyo Mitsui
-Assistant Head of Wigs

Met Titles

Michael Panayos
-Met Titles Supervisor
Cecilia Sparacio
-Met Titles Assistant

Executive Office

Kelly Davis
-Senior Executive Assistant 
Eunice Ahn
-Executive Assistant




Joanne Beloy
Jennifer Goodwin
-Development Associates

Institutional Relations

Naomi Grabel
-Executive Director, Development Strategy & Growth
Kendall Hubert
-Director of Leadership Gifts & Special Campaigns
Leah Harrison
-Director, Government and Foundation Relations
William Vanasdale
-Assistant Director, Sponsorship and Corporate Relations
Cedric Blue
-Government and Foundation Relations Assistant

Major Gifts

Kathy Liu
Patrick Galvin
-Deputy Director
Alan Lane
-Assistant Director
Laura M. Sievers
Joseph Valone
Teresa Brown
Rakeeta Laird

Patron & Individual Giving

Janna Spock
Cristina Ryan Raggio
-Deputy Director
Barbra Lach
-Director, Membership & Promotions
Anthony Busti
-Senior Director, Donor Information & Analysis
Hannah Fettinger
-Assistant Director
Kathleen Matz
Jerry Parra
-Manager, Membership & Promotions
Shelby Siwczak
-Patron & Individual Giving Manager
Charlotte Abate
Elizabeth Heidere
-Patron Associates
Aznil Azar
-Belmont Room Associate
Rachel Canter
-Donor Analysis Coordinator

Planned Giving

Pamela Bennett
-Director of Gift Planning
Gabriel Burnham
-Assistant Director


Jennifer DeVine
Molly Wassermann
-Senior Research Associate
Megan Keane
-Research Associate

Special Events & Development Services

John Banta
Ryan Brodlieb
-Senior Manager, Special Events Operations
Annmarie Zito
-Senior Manager, Special Events
Jack Cotaling
-Senior Coordinator, Special Events
Rose O’Neill


Ian Zimmerman
Gregory Elfers
-Associate Director of Telefundraising
Shalayna Guisao
Michael Mele
-Telefunding Supervisors
Laura Dearman
-Assistant Telefundraising Supervisor


Colin Miyamoto
-Executive Assistant 


Michael San Gabino
Renata Kapilevich
-Communications Assistant


Jay Goodwin
-Editorial Director
Christopher Browner
-Associate Editor
Jonathan Tichler
-Photo Editor
Joel Rozen
-Staff Writer


Marsha Drummond
-Director of Education & Engagement
Daniel Marshall 
-Education & Outreach Manager
Kamala Schelling
-Educational Content Manager

Marketing & Advertising

Hilary Ley
-Director of Partnerships and Audience Initiatives
Pete Scalzitti
Alyssa DeAlesandro
-Senior Marketing Campaign Manager
Megan Roepke
-Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
Justin Steensma
-Sales Manager
Rachel Lee
-Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Services

Anthony Marinelli
-Traffic Manager, Lists & Proofreading
Jackson Talley
-Production Manager, Marketing

Graphic Design

Karin Satrom
-Design Director
Burns Magruder
Jillian Morris
-Senior Graphic Designers
Bernardo Garcia-Valencia 
-Graphic Designer


Suzanne Gooch
-Director, Website & Presentations
Gordon Thorpe
-Senior Website Manager
Robert McGowan
-Website Coordinator

Box Office

Mark Schreiber
-Head Treasurer
James Maguire
-Assistant Head Treasurer
Roy Szuper
-Assistant Head Treasurer


Hope Van Winkle
-Director of Merchandising
Amy Kate Barrick
-Web and Merchandising Coordinator
Robert Shelton
-Merchandise Manager
Susan Lamb
-Senior Assistant Store Manager
Migan Foster
-Junior Assistant Store Manager

Customer Care & Donor Relations

Stephen Funk
-Director of Ticketing & Customer Service
Brooke Perrin
-Special Services Supervisor
Robin Shear
-Subscription and Special Services Supervisor

Call Center & Fulfillment

Maryann Gallagher
-Director, Call Center & Donor Relations
Diane Cipriano
-Director, Revenue Processing & Data Entry
John Rodriguez
-Manager, Call Center & Donor Relations
David Aaron
Christopher Clarke
Alexander Dart
Tanika DeHoney
Michael DeMarco
Alexandria Finerson
Andrew Price
-Training & Quality Control Coordinator
Amy Santo


Janette D’Angelo
-Associate E-Mail Producer
Kenneth Miller
-Digital Content Coordinator

Customer Systems Support

Lisa Joseph
-Director, Tessitura Systems Support 
Rony Abraham
Danzeng Yundan
-Tessitura Systems Analyst
Deyond Patrick
-Application Support Associate


Human Resources, Labor Relations & Payroll

Corliss Cobham
-Associate Director, Human Resources
Eliza Urbanik
-Assistant Payroll Manager
Elise Belluccia
-Labor Relations Administrator
Janella Damaskos
Molly Sellars
Victoria Testa
-Human Resources Administrators
Proskauer Rose LLP
-Labor Counsel


Rebecca Wui
-Deputy General Counsel
George Forrest
-Safety Director
Eugene Chen
-Board Liaison & Paralegal to General Counsel


Media & Presentations

Debra L. Harder
-Radio Host / Announcer
Ira Siff
-Radio Commentator
Louisa Briccetti
Victoria Warivonchik
Ellen Keel
-Senior Radio Producer / Editor
John Kerswell
-Operations Director
Alexandra Eastman
-Director, Media & Presentations
William Berger
-Writer / Radio Producer
John Bischoff
-Radio Show Producer
Grace Row
-Digital Music Production Specialist
Sean Havrilla
-Director, Met Opera on Demand
Steven Carter
-Digital Asset Manager
Ed Hartley
-Senior Broadcast Engineer
Robert Huott
-Broadcast Engineer
Yolanda Williams
-Media Associate
Rachel Gerbehy
-Associate Producer
Sidney Weberndoerfer
-Production Associate
Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C.
-Media Counsel


Monique Quinn
Elasha Salzgaber
-Assistant Controller
Sam Cabot
-Budget Manager
Howard Linnemann-Schmidt
-Payroll Manager
Justin Weatherby
-Director of Business Administration, Finance
Annie Chung-Wong
-Senior Accountant, Financial Accounting Tax & Compliance
Angela Dunbar
Karen Stansifer
-Business Systems Managers
Maria Pizarro
-Business Systems Administrator
Anna Duma
-Staff Accountant
Mary Comiskey
-Cash Accountant
John J. Cunningham
-Business Accountant
Cathy Ballester
-Gift Processing Manager
Barbara Zaid
-Accounts Payable Manager
Hannah Rich
-Senior Associate, Planning and Operations
Matt Lenzi
-Budget Analyst
Isabelle Puckette
-Budget Analyst
Tara Collins
Lalanie Guido
Carol Helps
-Payroll Associates
Teresa Lugo
-Executive Assistant / Gift Processing

House Management

Steve Ambrioso
-Facility Operations Director
Michael G. Marotta
-Security Director
Robert Glasgow
-Assistant Security Director
Eric Tress
-Chief Engineer
Charles Retty
-Building Services Head
Carolyn Santo
-Reception Manager
Donya Hubby
Edward Florencio
-Office Services Manager

Performance Management

Nicholas Adler
-Sr. Performance Manager
Hector Garcia
-Chief Usher
Jennifer Bachini
Jasminka Kovacevic
-Assistant Chief Ushers
Karol Wolniewicz
-Checkroom Manager

Medical Services

Youngnan Jenny Cho, MD
-Medical Director
Gretchen Kehde, RN, BSN
-Company Nurse


Information Systems

Joe Caiola
-Chief Information Services & Technology Director
Scott Trapani
-Director, Information Technology
Yefim Shnayder
-Network Operations Manager
George King
-Senior Applications Support Specialist
Dallas Hayes
Monet Parris
-Application Administrator
Jose Santana
-Technical Support Specialist



John Tomasicchio
-Digital Archive Manager
John Pennino