Peter Gelb
—Maria Manetti Shrem General Manager

Yannick Nézet-Séguin
—Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer Music Director

Deputy General Managers

Diana Fortuna
Bernard M. Plum

Assistant General Managers

Stephanie Basta 
—Legal, Labor, and Human Resources / General Counsel
Mia Bongiovanni
Gillian Brierley
—Marketing & Communications
Michael Heaston
John Sellars
Marcia Sells
—Chief Diversity Officer / AGM Employee & Community Relations
Joe Barnes
—Company Manager
Julie Borchard-Young
—Director of Worldwide HD
Melayna Busca
—Senior Director, Marketing and Sales
Matt Dobkin
—Creative Director, Content & Strategy
Marsha Drummond
—Director of Education and Public Programming
Alexandra Eastman
—Director, Media & Presentations
Jonathan Friend
—Artistic Advisor
Jenna Grein
—Director, House Operations and Facility Management
Dodie Kazanjian
—Gallery Met
Ilan Kravic
—Director of Planning & Operations Analysis
Thomas Lausmann
—Director of Music Administration
Jeffrey Mace
—Director of Production Operations
Laura Mitgang
—Director of Production Administration
Elena Park
—Executive Producer, Radio
Orchid Baron
Dan Wakin
—Senior Director, Communications
Melissa Wegner
—Executive Director Lindemann Young Artist Development Program & Laffont Competition
Maurice Wheeler
—Director of Archives  

Artistic Administration

Paul Cremo
—Dramaturg / Director of Opera Commissioning Program
Julien Benhamou
—Casting Consultant
Adam Franklin
—Manager, Artistic Administration
Pamela Walsh
—Artistic Liaison
Summer Bugbee
—Assistant Artistic Liaison
Sher’ri Bell
—Manager, Contract Administration
Daniel Hoy
—Chorus Administrator
Alicia Edwards
—Children’s Administrator
Rachel Hocking
—Office Manager, Orchestra
Nicole Weigelt
—Artistic Assistant
Brian Speck
—Artistic Administrator
Christian Bashi
—Administrative Associate, Music Administration
Karl Ronneburg
—Administrative Assistant, Dramaturgy and Commissioning Program

Rehearsal Department

Trey Costerisan
—Rehearsal Department Director
Kate Avery
—Rehearsal Department Manager
Hannah McDermott
—Rehearsal Associate

Actors and Dancers

Gillian Smith
Jordan Ungerer
Noah Pattillo
—Administrative Assistant

Laffont Competition

Priti Gandhi
—Associate Director Laffont Competition

Natalie Burrows

Lindemann Young Artist Development Program

Meredith LaBouff Piper
—Assistant Director 
Ellen Goodnight
—Administrative Assistant


Stephanie Spangler
—Director, Costumes, Wardrobe, Wigs, and Makeup
David Feheley
—Technical Director
Gabrielle Heerschap
—Associate Technical Director
Dashiell Menard
—Assistant Technical Director
Keara Kirkpatrick
—Technical Administrator
Kathryn Bosch
Madi Morrissey
—Technical Assistants
Lee Milliken
—Production Manager
Elizabeth Mills
—Assistant Production Manager
Regina Van Scott
—Logistics Coordinator
Eianne Sanchez
—Production Finance Assistant
Kathryn Wallem 
—Production Finance Coordinator
Janelle Hurst
—Senior Coordinator, Production Administration
John Leonard
—Coordinator, Production Administration
Cathleen Oliva
—Production Coordinator 
Samuel Flores
—Administrative Associate / Electric
Alexandra Endres
—Administrative Associate / Costume Shop
Naomi Schiller
—Administrative Associate / Props
Yasmin Lauz
Michaela O’Neill
—Administrative Associates / Wardrobe, Wigs, and Makeup
Anne Marie Schreiber
—Administrative Associate / Construction
Leila Scandar
—Costumes Administrator


John Froelich
—Resident Lighting Designer
Aaron Sporer
—Associate Staff Lighting Designer
James E. Lawlor III
Keri Thibodeau
—Assistant Staff Lighting Designers
Sylvia Nolan
—Resident Costume Designer
Mitchell Bloom
—Assistant Staff Costume Designer
David Peterson
—Staff Scenic Designer
Justine Burke
A Ram Kim
—Assistant Staff Scenic Designers

Stage Directors

Paula Suozzi 
—Executive Stage Director
Brian Hurst
—Production Administrator
Logan Enze
—Production Coordinator

Stage Management

Theresa Ganley
—Production Stage Manager
Margo MaierMoul
Scott Moon
—Associate Production Stage Managers
John W. Coleman
Connie Grubbs
Yasmine Kiss
Cristobel Langan
Hester Warren-Steijn
—Stage Managers
Miles Miranda
Bethany Windham
—Stage Manager Fellow

Stage and Shop Operations

Christopher Urciuoli
—Master Carpenter
Josh Marks
—Master Electrician
Jason Hamilton
—Properties Master
Cameron Whitehorne
—Head of Production Engineering
Robert Weisz
—Construction Shop Head
Robert Moody
—Chargeman Scenic Artist
Tanja Greving
—Costume Head
Robert Bulla
—Assistant Costume Shop Head
Yvonne Lee
—First Draper
Bruce Manilla
—First Tailor
Borhan Ahmed
Timothy Church
—Costume Production Supervisors
Claire Gaudette
—Head of Wardrobe
Michaela O’Neill
-—Wardrobe Assistant to Head
Tera Willis
—Resident Wig and Make-up Artist
Marian Torre
—Assistant Head of Makeup
Riyo Mitsui
—Assistant Head of Wigs

Met Titles

Michael Panayos
—Met Titles Supervisor
Cecilia Sparacio
—Met Titles Assistant

Executive Office

Kelly Davis
—Senior Executive Assistant 
Eunice Ahn
—Executive Assistant




Danielle Shubsda
Evelyn Sload
—Development Associates
Matthew Bird,
—AGM Development

Institutional Relations

Leah Harrison
—Director, Government and Foundation Relations
Kendall Hubert
—Director of Leadership Gifts & Special Campaigns
Emma K. Smith
—Director, Sponsorship and Corporate Relations
Danielle Cheney
—Corporate Relations, Assistant
Eloise Johnson
—Foundation & Government Relations Assistant

Major Gifts

Patrick Galvin
Alan Lane
—Director, Development Operations
Alliy Drago
Coralie Toevs
—Senior Major Gifts Officers
Savannah Core
Teresa Brown
—Patron and Young Associates Giving Officer
Alexandra Fee
Alexa Roland
—Major Gifts Coordinator

Patron and Individual Giving

Janna Spock
Cristina Ryan Raggio
—Director, Patron and Individual Giving
Barbra Lach
—Director, Membership and Individual Giving
Anthony Busti
—Senior Director, Donor Information & Analysis
Gregory Elfers
—Assistant Director, Patron and Young Associates Giving
Jerry Parra
—Assistant Director, Membership and Promotions
Charlotte Abate
—Senior Manager, Patron Operations
Sam Westley
—Donor Analysis
Lauren Wycoff
—Patron Associate
Aznil Azar
—Belmont Room Associate

Planned Giving

Pamela Bennett
—Director of Gift Planning
Gabriel Burnham  
—Deputy Director


Jennifer DeVine
Molly Wassermann
Megan Keane-Roithmayr
—Senior Research Associates
Kyle Brosnihan
—Research Assistant

Special Events and Development Services

John Banta
Ryan Brodlieb
—Associate Director, Special Events Operations
Annmarie Zito
—Senior Manager
Jack Cotaling
—Associate Director, Special Events
Rose O’Neill
—Special Events Manager


Ian Zimmerman
Shalayna Weir
—Associate Director
Laura Dearman
Charlie Mallison

Marketing and Communications

Colin Miyamoto
—Executive Assistant 


Rebecca Kim
—Director of Press
Chanel Williams
Renata Kapilevich
—Press Officer
Zoe Pigott
—Press Coordinator


Jay Goodwin
—Editorial Director
Christopher Browner
—Senior Editor
Jonathan Minnick
—Associate Editor
Jonathan Tichler
—Photo Editor


Melanie Milton
—Producer, Public Programming
Rae De Vine
—Manager, Education and Engagement
Nicholas Rinehart
—Content Manager, Education
Stefanie Izzo
—Manager, Education Partnerships
Patrick Greeley
—Education Assistant

Marketing and Advertising

Alyssa DeAlesandro
—Associate Director, Marketing Campaigns
Megan Roepke
—Associate Director, Digital Marketing
Pete Scalzitti
Neville Braithwaite
—Associate Videographer/Editor
Justin Steensma
—Sales Manager
DiDi Turley
—Social Media Manager
Rachel Lee
—Audience Data and Insights Manager
Abby Davis
—Marketing Coordinator, Live in HD
Rubén Sosa
—Graphic Content Creator

Marketing Services

Jackson Talley
—Senior Production Manager, Marketing

Graphic Design

Karin Satrom
—Design Director
Burns Magruder
Jillian Morris
—Senior Graphic Designers


Suzanne Gooch
—Director, Website & Presentations
Gordon Thorpe
—Associate Director, Website
Robert McGowan
—Website Manager

Box Office

James Maguire
—Head Treasurer
Daniel McCarthy
Roy Szuper
—Assistant Head Treasurers


Hope Van Winkle
—Director of Merchandising
Amy Kate Barrick
—Web and Merchandising Coordinator
Robert Shelton
—Merchandise Manager
Migan Foster
—Store Manager
Luis Martinez
—Senior Assistant Store Manager

Customer Care and Donor Relations

Stephen Funk
—Director of Ticketing & Customer Service
Brooke Perrin
—Manager, Special Services
Robin Shear
—Manager, Subscription Services
Michael Dressel
—Subscription, Special Services, and Customer Care Assistant

Call Center and Fulfillment

Maryann Gallagher
—Director, Call Center & Donor Relations
Diane Cipriano
—Director, Revenue Processing & Data Entry
John Rodriguez
—Manager, Call Center & Donor Relations
Alexander Dart
Tanika DeHoney
Michael DeMarco
Alexandria Finerson
Terence Leung
Andrew Price
—Manager, Training & Quality Assurance
Amy Santo
Julio Betancourt-Lopez
Sean Park
—Mail Order & Fulfillment Representative


Janette D’Angelo
—Associate E-Mail Producer
Kenneth Miller
—Manager, Digital Marketing

Customer Systems Support

Lisa Joseph
—Director, Tessitura Systems Support
Alana Beyer
Danzeng Yundan
Matt Morse
—Tessitura Systems Analysts
Deyond Patrick
—Application Support Associate


Human Resources and Labor Relations

Corliss Cobham
—Director, Human Resources
Melissa Amey
—Benefits Manager
Alicia Kelley-Bah
—Manager, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Elise Belluccia
—Labor Relations Manager
Victoria Testa
—HR Manager, Operations
Amanda Reyes
—HR Asst. Manager, Employee Relations
Kyle Brincefield
—Talent Acquisition Specialist
Emily David
Gloria Clement-Rico
—Benefits Coordinator, Administration
Yaneth Lopez
—Benefits Coordinator, Leaves
Thalia Mavrikakis
—HR Assistant


Rebecca Wui
—Deputy General Counsel
Melisa Puglisi
—Safety Director
Dylan Erdelyi
—Board Liaison and Strategic Projects Manager
Proskauer Rose LLP
—Labor Counsel


Media and Presentations

John Kerswell
—Operations Director
Grace Row
—Audio Producer / Music Advisor, New Works
Steven Carter
—Release Planning & Product Manager
Yolanda Williams
—Media Associate
Joanna Poses
—Media Archivist
Matthew Carlson
—Assistant Editor


Debra Lew Harder
—Radio Host/Announcer
Ira Siff
—Radio Commentator
Ellen Keel
—Senior Radio Producer/Editor
William Berger
—Writer/Radio Producer
John Bischoff
—Radio Show Producer
Natalie Renfro
—Associate Producer
Ed Hartley
—Senior Broadcast Engineer
Christopher Grehan
—Broadcast Engineer

Live in HD

Louisa Briccetti
Victoria Warivonchik
Merrin Lazyan
—Creative Content Producer
Rachel Gerbehy
—Associate Producer
Sidney Weberndoerfer
—Production Associate

Met Opera on Demand

Sean Havrilla
Samuel Miyashita
—Coordinator, Met Opera on Demand

Media Counsel

Rose Schwartz
Franklin Weinrib Rudell
Vassallo LLP


Elasha Salzgaber
—Assistant Controller
Hannah Rich
—Budget Manager
Howard Linnemann-Schmidt
—Director of Payroll
Justin Weatherby
—Director of Business Administration, Finance
Angela Dunbar
Maria Pizarro
—Business Systems Managers
Liana Guberman
—Artistic Systems Manager
Brandon Hilfer
Matt Lenzi
Isabelle Puckette
—Director of Special Projects and Deputy Budget Manager
Annie Chung-Wong
—Senior Accountant, Financial Accounting Tax & Compliance
Melissa Johnson
Manuel Ayala Sapelli
—Business Systems Administrators
Anna Duma
—Staff Accountant
Mary Comiskey
—Cash Accountant
Elizabeth Cook
—Business Associate
Raphael Ramboyong
—Junior Accountant
Christopher Clarke
—Gift Processing Manager
Barbara Zaid
—Accounts Payable Manager
Tara Collins
Carol Helps
—Payroll Associates
Agustina Cal
Monica Cioch
—Payroll/Accounting Associates
Teresa Lugo
—Executive Assistant / Gift Processing

House Management

Sarah Groh
—Director of Visitor Experience
Jon Olson, Director
—Engineering and Facility Operations
Michael G. Marotta
—Security Director
Robert Glasgow
—Assistant Security Director
Eric Tress
—Chief Engineer
Charles Retty
—Building Services Head
Elspeth Davis
—Senior Coordinator, Tour and Volunteer
Carolyn Santo
—Reception Manager
Donya Hubby
Edward Florencio
—Office Services Manager

Performance Management

Nicholas Adler
Alex Karpinski
Desmond Prass
—Performance Managers
Matthew Moran
—Guest Experience Manager
Joseph Thanner
—Chief Usher
Jasminka Kovacevic
—Assistant Chief Ushers
Suzanne Breslin
—Checkroom Manager

Medical Services

Youngnan Jenny Cho, MD
—Medical Director
Gretchen Kehde, RN, BSN
—Company Nurse


Information Systems

Joe Caiola
—Chief Information Services and Technology Director
Scott Trapani
—Director, Information Technology
Yefim Shnayder
—Network Operations Manager
George King
—Systems Administrator
Jose Santana
—Help Desk Manager
Le’Shae Davis
Michael Douglas
Kamal Francis
Crystal Rodriguez
—Technical Support Specialists
Sven Haugen
Thomas Skowronski
—Junior Systems Administrator



John Tomasicchio
—Associate Director of Archives