Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following FAQ thoroughly before submitting an email inquiry. For all other questions regarding internships at the Met, please email, noting “Internship” on the Subject Line. 


Which departments currently have internship openings?
Internship opportunities vary based on available projects and supervisors. Interns are matched with departments based on their interests and skills. Please be sure to describe the specific interests and skills that might make you a good candidate for the kind of project or department to which you apply.

If I am not accepted for an internship position, may I reapply the following year?
Yes, if you are still eligible the following year. You will need to resubmit a complete application, including letters of recommendation or references.

I have already graduated from a degree-granting institution. Am I eligible to apply for an internship?
If you graduated within twelve months preceding the application deadline, you are eligible for an internship. Contact us at to inquire about opportunities and eligibility.

Do I need to be a major in an arts or theater program to be eligible for the internship program?
No! We welcome diverse applications from students with varied interests and backgrounds. We have many departments with academic relevance to business, computing, finance, humanities, liberal arts, writing/editing, and many more.

Does the Metropolitan Opera sponsor visas?
No. The Met cannot sponsor visas for interns. Interns are responsible for ensuring that they have valid legal status under applicable U.S. visa regulations while participating in the Met’s program. If you require a visa, you may be eligible to participate in the Exchange Visitor Program (J-1 visa program) by going through an outside agency that has been authorized by the State Department to sponsor a J-1 trainee visa. These sponsors are responsible for supporting and monitoring foreign nationals during their exchange programs in the United States. We recommend that you consult with the U.S. embassy in your home country to determine which visa will allow you to participate in this internship. Please be aware that obtaining a visa is usually a lengthy process and can cost upwards of US$1,500; it must be completed well in advance of the internship start date. If you are accepted to the program and not granted a visa by the start date of your internship, your internship will be canceled

Payment and Housing

Are internships at the Met paid?
Yes, all internships are paid. The Met does not offer any unpaid internships or fellowships.

If I am accepted for an internship, will the Met provide housing?
No. If you are accepted into the internship program, it is your responsibility to arrange your own housing. We will provide a list of places to start looking.

Do you offer application and workplace accommodations for students with disabilities?
Yes. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can apply to the program and can participate fully if accepted. Please email questions to for more about our workplace accommodations.

Application Process

What happens after I submit my application for the Bank of America Internship and Fellows Program?
Staff will read through all the applications to determine whether your interests and skills match an available intern project for an upcoming semester. If we think you are a good candidate for one of the projects, we send your application to the supervisor of the project for consideration. All applicants will be notified about the result of their applications by the date indicated on the internship program page.

How do you review applications for undergraduate and graduate internships?
First, we gather substantial educational projects from supervisors across many Met departments. We categorize the projects based on their learning outcomes, goals, and department areas. We read the applications and match applicants with projects in their areas of interest. If there is no project available in the department or area you select on your application, we consider your application for all related projects. We select students who above all are enthusiastic and eager to learn.

I missed the application deadline. May I submit a late application?
No. We do not accept late applications; there are no exceptions.

May I contact an individual Met staff member about being an intern with her/him/them?
No. Please do not contact staff about internships. All undergraduate and graduate students interested in being an intern at the Met must apply. Individual Met staff members will direct you to our office if you contact them directly.

Will I be notified when my application is received?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation email once your online application has been successfully submitted. If you do NOT receive this confirmation, please contact us at

Will I have to interview?
Finalists will be contacted for interviews with departments. All interviews will be conducted on the phone or via Zoom. You will not be asked to travel to the Met for an interview.