2024-25 Eligibility Requirements

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1. The age requirement for all voice types for the 2023-2025 season is 20 – 30 years old. Applicants must be within this age limit from August 1, 2024 – July 31, 2025. Applicants’ birth dates must fall on or between August 1, 1994 – August 1, 2004 in order for them to be eligible to audition. This requirement is checked by the National Office during the application evaluation period. No age waiver will be granted for any reason.

2. Past applicants may re-enter Qualifying auditions as new applicants. Applicants who have exceeded the age limit, reached the Grand Finals Concert, or twice reached the National Semifinals are no longer eligible to compete. Current or former singers on the Met’s roster, and current season members of the Met’s Chorus, Extra Chorus or current full-time employees of the Met are ineligible to audition.

3. Auditions are open to citizens and lawful residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Proof of citizenship with birthdate is required for all applicants. Citizens of countries other than the United States, Canada, and Mexico must show either proof of residency through March 17, 2025 or proof of full-time enrollment in a qualified educational institution, in one of these three countries before being permitted to enter a District audition. Applicants are solely responsible for securing visas to compete in all rounds of competition.

4. Applicants may apply to the Competition once per season and are required to submit one video for the Qualifying round. Videos must be recorded in the 2024 calendar year and cannot be edited for sound or video enhancement. No pianist will be provided for the qualifying round. Videos may have live, pre-recorded, digital or app-based piano tracks. Orchestral or instrumental tracks or performances will not be accepted. Recipients of any judge-awarded prizes at the District or Region levels of the 2023-2024 Competition are pre-qualified for the 2024-2025 season, should they choose to enter. They will need to complete the application through Resonance but not submit video recordings. These individuals will have their own priority registration day in advance of the additional singers that qualify for the 2024-2025 season.

5. An official pianist will be provided at all live audition rounds. Applicants may provide their own pianist, if desired, at their own expense. Orchestral, instrumental, or self-played piano background tracks will not be accepted at the District and Region round.

6. Competition prizes are paid by check or in some cases by direct deposit or wire transfer. Prize winners will be required to complete all necessary tax paperwork, in the Met’s sole discretion, in order to claim their prizes.  The Met is required by Federal and New York State laws to withhold a total of 35% of prize money awarded to non-U.S. citizens. In most cases, prizes will not be available to contestants on the day of the competition.

7. A non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 is required of applicants to participate in the District round. All District winners must participate in the Region Finals of the Region in which they were District winners. If applicants choose not to participate in the applicable Region Finals, they may be asked to return all District audition prize money

8. To be eligible to enter the Competition, you must be available EXCLUSIVELY to the Competition during the following times:

a) Your respective District and Region audition dates;

b) Thursday, March 6, 2025 through the National Semifinals on Sunday, March 9, 2025; and

c) Preparation for the Laffont Grand Finals Concert from Monday, March 10, 2025 through Sunday, March 16, 2025.

Participation in non-Competition related professional engagements or competitions is not permitted during the times specified in a), b) and c) above, unless approved IN ADVANCE in writing by the Competition’s Executive Director. Failure to receive advance approval for an unrelated engagement automatically DISQUALIFIES an applicant from the National Semifinals and Finals.

9. By participating in the Competition, applicants grant the Met and the Competition the absolute right and permission to take, record, use, edit, and reuse their photographs, physical likeness, voice, name and/or biographical information in connection with their participation in the Competition for use in any media, worldwide (including social media platforms), in perpetuity for any purpose whatsoever. Applicants have no right of approval or claim to compensation arising out of such use. In addition, applicants release The Met and its agents and employees from all claims, demands, losses, and liabilities whatsoever that applicants may have now or in the future in connection with any photograph and/or recording embodying some or all of their voice, name, or likeness, or their participation in the Competition or other events. Any of the audition rounds and other performances or appearances by applicants in connection with the Competition, concerts, or other events may be exploited by the Competition and the Met by any means and media throughout the world in perpetuity, including by streaming, radio (including satellite radio), and all other means of audio and audiovisual distribution now or hereafter known, and may be used by the Competition, Met and Toll Brothers (and other sponsors) for promotional, fundraising and advertising purposes. Without limitation, the Laffont Grand Finals Concert may be broadcast over Toll Brothers-Metropolitan Opera International Radio Network or Sirius Satellite Radio. Applicants do not receive any compensation for their participation in any recording of the Competition or concerts, or any exploitation of thereof as herein described, and by participating in the Competition, applicants waive any claims to any compensation. Applicants’ performance in any audio and audiovisual materials produced or created by the Competition will be a work for hire for the Met and the Competition and if for some reason same is not considered a work for hire, applicants assign to the Met and the Competition all rights therein throughout the world in perpetuity.

10. The Met may cancel, delay or otherwise modify any and all portions of the Competition in its sole discretion, including for reasons beyond its control such as epidemics, work stoppages, fires, war, government regulations, acts of terrorism, riots, rebellions, explosion, flood, storm, Acts of God and similar occurrences, and the Met shall not be liable for any such cancellation, delay or other modification.

11. Any misrepresentation on the application will be cause for disqualification without benefit of appeal. All disqualifications are in the Met’s sole and absolute discretion and will require that prize money be returned.