This production ran: Nov 7 - Jan 31

This Production is in the past


All auditions begin at 11am local time for the Sponsoring District. The start times below are listed in ET, as that is also how they are listed when you pay your application fee.
If you are competing on a day with more than one District audition, please double check the start time of the District for which you would like to complete. Those dates are bolded below.
Idaho/MT & NDMB November 7 1pm ET
Kentucky November 8 11am ET
Wisconsin November 12 noon ET
Georgia November 14 11am ET
Arizona November 15 1pm ET
Michigan November 19 11am ET
Connecticut November 21 11am ET
New Orleans & Puerto Rico November 21 noon ET
Utah November 28 1pm ET
South Carolina December 3 11am ET
Illinois December 5 noon ET
Pittsburgh December 6 11am ET
New York December 10 11am ET
Boston December 12 11am ET
Western Canada December 13 2pm ET
Mexico*** December 17 noon ET
Nebraska December 19 noon ET
Houston December 20 noon ET
Washington January 7 2pm ET
Los Angeles January 9 2pm ET
Tennessee January 9 11am ET
Buffalo/Toronto January 10 11am ET
Tulsa January 16 noon ET
San Diego January 16 2pm ET
Florida January 17 11am ET
Arkansas January 21 noon ET
North Carolina January 23 11am ET
San Francisco January 24 2pm ET
Iowa January 28 noon ET
Kansas City January 30 noon ET
Colorado/Wyoming January 31 1pm ET


Para recibir la information de Pago de las Audiciones favor de comunicarse con Octavio Rivas, Associate Director del Distrito: