2020–21 National Council Auditions Application

Are you a U.S. citizen?

Professional Experience

List schools, degrees earned, and graduation dates


List 1-2 operatic arias that you will submit for your qualifying audition. No oratorio, musical theater or zarzuela are permitted. Arias must be sung in the standard language and original key.

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Will you use the provided pianist?


We require the following materials to be uploaded and accessible via weblink. (ie. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud)

1) One-page résumé

2) Headshot

3) Legal Proof of age (ie. birth certificate, passport, driver’s license)

4) 1-2 arias recorded on video (must be recorded within three months of application date)

5) Citizens of countries other than U.S., Canada and Mexico: Proof of Residency or full-time educational visa


By clicking "Submit", you hereby agree to the eligibility requirements and the governing regulations therein for the 2020-21 season of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions.

If you are receiving an error message upon submission, please reduce the file size of your attachments to ensure they are less than 1MB each.