Assistant Payroll Manager

Department: Finance
Available: June 2018

Position Summary

The Assistant Payroll Manger is responsible for assisting the Payroll Manager in ensuring the accurate and timely processing of all payroll. Also responsible for ensuring compliance with payroll-related tax, labor and other regulations including preparing periodic Federal and State tax filings and ensuring timely tax deposits. Communicate with Met staff and third parties regarding payroll. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Process, manage, and review all payroll processing activities including the review of various group payrolls to ensure compliance with agreements
  • Perform payroll analyses to identify unusual transactions and exceptions; ensure daily audit reports are reviewed
  • Print checks and vouchers and ensure that Direct Deposit and Positive Pay banking transmittals are remitted timely and that exceptions are resolved on a timely basis
  • Understand the requirements for all Federal, state, local, and foreign agency requirements related to documentation, withholding, and reporting; ensure that all filings, tax withholding and deposits, and garnishments are processed timely with complete detailed supporting documentation. Respond to unemployment claim and employment verification inquiries.
  • Assist in the preparation of all required compliance filings including quarterly and annual tax and information returns.
  • Maintain and distribute departmental paid time off and time accrual records
  • Ensure that internal communications including daily reporting updates are reviewed and corroborated
  • Respond to department manager, employee and contractor’s questions related to payments, discrepancies and other matters ensuring appropriate resolution
  • Coordinate with Human Resources and other Finance team members on payroll matters including communications related to new developments, analyses and reconciliations, auditing and legal inquiries and union-related discussions
  • Create and maintain documentation for payroll processing procedures and internal controls
  • Support the Payroll Manager in all responsibilities

Qualifications & Skill Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent education required
  • Excellent mathematical and analytical skills
  • Minimum three years payroll experience
  • Experience using Access, Excel and HRIS (Lawson preferred)
  • Knowledge, experience, and ability to research and understand complex regulations
  • Solid Customer Service skills.
  • Strong communication skills are required
  • Strong time management skills and attention to details are necessary

To Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter with "Assistant Payroll Manager" in the subject line to:

E-mail (preferred):