• Introducing Met Opera on Demand: Student Access

Introducing Met Opera on Demand: Student Access

Met Opera on Demand delivers instant access to more than 500 Met performances, including more than 75 past performances from the Met’s award-winning Live in HD series as well as more than 400 classic full-length video and audio performances.  For the first time, this pioneering streaming service, created by the world’s most renowned opera company, is being made available in a special new version for students of universities and other institutions of higher learning.

Enrich your library’s digital music offerings with Met Opera on Demand: Student Access—a new resource tailored to academic users to experience via your catalog of databases and online collections.  This new experience of the Met Opera on Demand service offers extraordinary access to unforgettable opera performances, captured live from the stage of the Metropolitan Opera in New York and spanning more than 75 years of the company’s unparalleled broadcast history.

The collection offers:

  • More than 75 videos from the Met’s Peabody Award-winning Live in HD series of movie-theater performance transmissions
  • A vast selection of works from the operatic repertoire, including multiple performances of more than 100 different operas
  • New releases added each month
  • Superlative audio and video quality
  • Performances from some of the greatest stars in the history of opera

Plus, this new student resource also provides extra educational materials created and curated by the Met—not available on the ordinary service—including program notes, artists interviews, quizzes, feature articles, and more.

For students and faculty, and particularly music departments, Met Opera on Demand is an essential collection of unique quality, artistic and historic significance, and substantial breadth and depth.  An invaluable resource to serious students and lovers of opera, the Met Opera on Demand: Student Access catalog is also wonderfully accessible as an introduction to opera for all members of your academic community.

Learn more in the following pages, and contact the Met to make this exciting new offering a part of your institution's online collections