• Met Opera on Demand: Student Access Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Met Opera on Demand: Student Access?

It is an online video and audio streaming service available to universities and colleges, connecting academic users to a digital catalog of more than 500 full-length Met performances.  Met Opera on Demand: Student Access is available to colleges worldwide through a license subscription.


How can I make Met Opera on Demand available to my library or university?

First, contact the Met to provide more information about your school.  The Met will follow-up with you to coordinate technical setup, facilitate the completion of the license agreement and processing of payment, and test the connection with your systems in order to make access available to your users.  Please allow at least 2-3 weeks to complete all necessary steps to make the service widely available through your online collections.


How much does an annual institutional license cost?

The price of the annual license varies depending upon the total size of your institution.  Please contact the Met to provide more information about your school, and the Met will follow-up with details about pricing.


Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, in most cases the Met will be happy to set up a limited trial of Met Opera on Demand: Student Access.  Please contact us and provide more information about your school, and the Met will follow-up to discuss the details of a trial.


How will Met Opera on Demand integrate with my institution’s catalog/collection?

In most cases, the Met will work with your institution to proxy the service according to your standard procedures and ensure integration with your existing processes for login and authentication of individual users.  The Met will setup your IP address(es) and/or range(s) for recognition by the Met Opera on Demand systems.  Once the proxy and IP addresses are setup, you will be able to provide unique URLs for linking through your library website, catalog, and/or database listings.  To help facilitate the technical setup, please use the Contact Us form to provide as much information and detail about your specific needs, and the Met will work with you to complete a successful integration with your existing systems.


How is Met Opera on Demand: Student Access different from the Met Opera on Demand service available for individual subscribers?

Student Access is an expanded and customized version of Met Opera on Demand, tailored for academic users.  In addition to the video and audio content in the catalog of more than 500 performances, Student Access features extra educational materials created and curated by the Met including program notes, artist interviews, quizzes, feature articles, and more.  Student Access users will all be authenticated first by their schools, then connected easily to the Met website where they can immediately begin enjoying the catalog of opera performances and additional materials.


Are MARC records available for Met Opera on Demand resources?

Yes, MARC records are available for purchase directly through OCLC.  Please visit the following link on the OCLC website for more information:



Will the Met provide usage reports to purchasers of the Student Access institutional license?

Yes, the Met will provide monthly reports detailing overall usage (# of sessions, # of tracks played by individual title, etc.) 


What are the technical requirements?

Here is the list of minimum technical requirements:

  • Adobe Flash 10.1 or above
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or above; Firefox 2 or above; Safari 3 or above; or Chrome
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or above; Macintosh OS X 10.4 or above
  • JavaScript enabled
  • High-speed, broadband internet connection (2.5 mbps recommended)
  • Hardware: 1GB memory; 128 MB video RAM


Is Met Opera on Demand available outside the United States?

Yes, the service is available worldwide.  Please note that a small number of individual titles are limited to access only in certain countries.


How many users can access Met Opera on Demand through an institutional subscription?

The Student Access license allows for unlimited usage, by an unlimited number of simultaneous users.


Will Met Opera on Demand: Student Access users be able to access the Met Opera on Demand iPad app?

At this time, Met Opera on Demand: Student Access users do not have access to the iPad app through their school's license.