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Salome (Jan. 5, 1974)

Composer: Richard Strauss
Librettist: Hedwig Lachmann after Oscar Wilde

Levine; Bumbry, Resnik, Ulfung, Lewis, Shadur

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus

Approximate running time: 1 hrs. 33 min.

Richard Strauss’s dramatic and colorful score, based on Wilde’s scandalous play, is brought to life masterfully by James Levine and the Met Orchestra. The magnetic Grace Bumbry captures every neurotic nuance of the title character, the teenage princess who becomes obsessed with the imprisoned prophet Jochanaan. When he rejects her advances, tragedy ensues. Salome’s infamous final scene is among the most powerful moments in all of opera. Ragnar Ulfung and Regina Resnik portray the royal couple of Herodes and Herodias.