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Lohengrin (Jan. 10, 1986)

Composer: Richard Wagner
Librettist: Richard Wagner

Levine; Marton, Rysanek, Hofmann, Roar, Macurdy

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus

Approximate running time: 3 hrs. 43 min.

Wagner’s Romantic opera demands singing actors who can truly inhabit their parts, and that’s just what we have here. Is it possible for a Knight of the Holy Grail to look more enticing than Peter Hofmann? No wonder Elsa (Eva Marton) falls in love at first sight. Marton’s heroine is innocent, but she is also a passionate, real-life young woman—which is good, because Leonie Rysanek is positively demented as Ortrud, the sorceress who accuses Elsa and Lohengrin of using magic. With James Levine’s superb conducting, the orchestra and chorus are similarly magical.