$10,000 and above

Edward M. Acton (CA)
Joan Taub Ades and Alan M. Ades (NY)
Stanley Asrael, in memory of Evelyn Asrael (MD)
Nancy and Jim Barton (CT)
Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden (IL)
M. Elizabeth Brothers (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Buck (WV) 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Christensen III (NY)
Malcolm H. and Ann Cole (GA)
Jane and Jerry del Missier (Switzerland)
Joan and Donald Fried (NY)
Glied Family, Toronto and New York 
Meredith Griffiths, in memory of Anne K. Dahl and Clarence Klopsic (VA)
Maura Harway and Richard Mark (NY)
Dr. George S. Heyer, Jr. (TX)
Mrs. Halina Jamner (NY)
Alfred G. Kelley (VA) 
†Selwyn and Marilyn Kudisch (MA)
Mrs. James F. Lincoln, Jr. (OH)
C. Jerome Lombardo Family Foundation, in memory of Louis D'Angelo and Louise D'Angelo Lombardo (NY)
Elizabeth McFall (NY)
Dr. Arthur M. Mellor (TN)
Leonard and Sally Michaels, in memory of Sylvia and Seymour Rosenberg (NY)
Dr. Thomas H. Powell, in memory of Dr. William W. More (MD)
Prince Charitable Trusts (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Quagliano (NJ)
In memory of Mona McMillan Reid (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rudner (TN)
Ann Schwendener (MI)
Marcia Sprules (NY)
John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer, in honor of Robert Turner (LA)
H.B. Wehrle Foundation (WV)
Mr. and Mrs. Horace H. Wilson (CA)
Trust of Judith C. Wolf (CA)
Ralph and Toni Wyman (CT)
Ursule Phaeton Yates, in memory of Savari A. Phaeton (PA)
2 Anonymous Donors

$5,000 and above

Marilyn Adams, in honor of Raymond Carlyle (CA)
William D. Adams (MA)
Anderson-Paffard Foundation (CT)
Mr. and †Mrs. Robert Arnow (NY)
Gail Asper, in memory of my mother, Babs Asper (Canada)
N. Sue Barnes (NY)
James F. Barnett, Jr., in memory of Bessie and Jim Barnett (MS)
Robert E. Beck (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. William Cammack (TN)
Jacques and Emy Cohenca Foundation (NY)
Ronald E. Compton (CT)
Robert J. Cook, in honor of Birgit Nilsson and the Music of Richard Wagner (IL)
Thomas Doran (MI)  
Mrs. Myron H. Downs (ME)
Joel Eatmon (TX)
Donna Z. Eden (MD)
Suzanne B. Engel (NJ)
Gonzalo Escalante, in memory of Martha B. Escalante (NY)
Firestone Family Foundation (FL)
William A. Fleig (IL)
Mary A. Flynn, M.D. (FL)
Steve Forrester (OR)
Rhoda L. Frank (IL)
Lorraine Gallard (DC)
Janie Giacomini and Peter Van Olinda (NY)
Lance J. Gotko and Paul A. Caddell (NY)
Mort Greenberg, in honor of in honor of James King (Canada)
Dr. Mona June Hagyard (KY)
Rebecca Hansen (NY)
Gary Harris (VA)
Barbara Shifrin Hass, in memory of William K. Hass (NJ)
Jerry Hawke (DC)
Barbara Haws and William Josephson, in honor of Beverly J. Ross (NY)
Susan W. Herring, in honor of Ira Weller (WA)
Mrs. Margaret Holbrook, in memory of Morton Holbrook (KY)
Mrs. H. Earl Hoover (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hupper (NY)
Bruce and Kathleen Johnson (VA)
Franklin P. and Catherine H. Johnson, Jr. (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Kaplan (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Kitchen (VA)
Mrs. Thomas S. Knight, Jr.,  in memory of Mary Lee Craig (CT)
Nancy Krakow, in memory of Charles Kullman - Tenor (CA)
Pamela S. Kunkemueller (MA)
Nancy Langsan, in memory of Lillian and Ira Langsan (NY)
Michael A. Leone, in memory of Marion Talley, coloratura soprano (TX)
Walter H. Lippincott, Jr. (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring (PA)
Jacqueline Badger Mars (VA)
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Mergen (NY)
The Mosaic Foundation, to honor the MET Opera Lovers, Peter and Stella Sichel (MI)
Stewart Pearce and Kevin Kellogg (NY)
James L. Perzik, in honor of Judi Perzik (CA)
Anna M. Pontecorvo (NY)
Lia and William Poorvu (MA)
Edward J. Quinlan (HI)
Mrs. Jack L. Ratzkin (FL) 
Anna K. Reimann (PA)
Claire Richardson (MD)
Donald W. Richman, M.D. (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Russell (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco (NY)
Antoinette Farrar Seymour (PA)
Jesse and Rochelle Shereff (NY)
Ellen Sherman (CA)
Richard and Jeannette Sias (OK)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Siegfried (CO)
Ruth Silver, in honor of Ginny Maes (CO)
Jill S. Slater (NY)
Floyd Smith (NY)
Lynn G. Straus (NY)
Barbara Augusta Teichert (PA)
Heddy M. Theimer (NY)
Heidi Ulrich, in memory of Ursula Bisconer (CA)
Mrs. Langdon Van Norden (CT)
In memory of Gertrude K. Voss (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Wagner, in memory of Josephine Ebner (NJ)
Warters Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey (NJ)
Lucille Werlinich (NY)
Michael Williams (NJ) 
Marguerite A. Wyman (MA) 
Julia Yang (CA)
Anonymous Donors