$2,500 or above

Madeline and Stephen Anbinder, in memory of Gussie Anbinder (NY)
Ann Askew (VA)
T. R. Baird (FL)
Dianne Balfour (NY)
The Barker Welfare Foundation (NY)
Celia Barteau (VA)
Mr. and Mrs. John Baumgardner (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Avie Bennett (Canada)
Jane C. Bergner, in honor of the staff of the Metropolitan Opera (MD)
Elizabeth E. Bowman (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bullen (NY)
Caroline Walker Bynum (NY)
Dr. Sharron M. Capen, in memory of Charles C. Capen (OH)
Gregory and Marcia L. Coleman (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Colin (NY)
C. W. and Dorothy A. Comer, in memory of Richard F. Monges, Jr. (ME)
Mr. and Mrs. John Craig (NS)
Rigney and Robert J. Cunningham, in memory of Rita S. Rigney
Maude S. Davis (NY)
Igor Dawid (MD)
Julia W. Dayton (MN)
Mrs. Vincent de Roulet (NY)
Amos Deinard (MN)
Joy Denman (DC)
Betty Lou Dubois (NM)
Linda Durham, Ph.D., in memory of Anne K. Roddey (VA)
Carol A. Dyer, in memory of Gene Gordon (DC)
Evelyn Ericson (WI)
Ellen and Rod Eyster (DC)
William S. Filbrun and Robert W. Peterson (OH)
Marvin Fletcher, in memory of Hilary Fletcher (OH)
Rosemary Franck, in memory of Robert Bagar (NY)
Dr. Stuart L. Fuld (MA)
Thomas Gahlon, in memory of Emerson Cammack (IL)
Theodore Garelis (CA)
Pat and Ralph Gilby (DE)
Joan Goldberg, in memory of Dr. Herman Helpern (MA)
Mary and Gordon Gould (NY)
Marianne Gourary, in honor of Jeannette Streit Rohatyn (NY)
Laurie Graham (PA)
Kathleen Grierson (HI)
Charles J. Haughney (MD)
Richard L. Hay (OR)
Nancy L. Hayward (NY)
Dorothea H. Hoffman (NJ)
Eva Holzer, in memory of Erich Holzer (NJ)
Mrs. Lyman Hoover (FL)
Maisie Houghton (MA)
Spencer C. Hunt (MA)
Deirdre D. Kieckhefer (CA)
George M. Knauf (MD)
C. A. Kuper (MD)
Christian Lange (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. John C. La Rosa (NY)
Jack Lehman (WA)
Louise Stillman Lehrman, in memory of Ada Latimer Stillman (CT)
LTC David Lindauer, U.S. Army Retired, in memory of Colonel Harry Lindauer, U.S. Army Retired (MD)
Dr. Leonard M. Lipman (CA)
Rebecca Lipman (NY)
Robert Littman, in memory of Helene MacLean (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Lobl, in memory of Minnie Lobl (NY)
Robert T. Long (OH)
Susan Lynner, in memory of Helen Dalby (DC)
Elizabeth L. McKeever (NY)
Perry McLelland (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller (CT)
Karl Moller (NY)
William and Susan Morris, in memory of R. Bryan Miller (CA)
Marc E. Nicholson (DC)
Diane A. Nixon, in honor of Gillian Attfield (NY)
John F. Olson (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Padwe (VA)
Jane Pak (TX)
William J. Pananos (MA)
Joseph and Victoria Persky (IL)
C. J. Pinnell (IL)
Dr. and Mrs. Peter I. Pressman (NY)
Laura Rainey (CA)
Jane Rawoof, in memory of Helen P. Foster (NY)
Mary S. Risley (CA)
Karen and Gary Rose (NJ)
Sandra P. Rose (NY)
Seymour S. Rubak, in memory of Jane Rubak (MD)
Vivianne Russell, in memory of Norman F. S. Russell, Jr. (NJ)
Dr. and Mrs. Hans P. E. Sachse (VA)
Beverly Sackler, in memory of Mildred Gardner (CT)
Lillian T. Savage (CA)
Patsy Savage (OK)
William and Gerie Schumann (MA)
Melvin and Susan Schwarzwald (OH)
Joan and Arnold Seidel, Kantor Charitable Trust (CA)
Jeanne Serrill, in memory of George Robertson (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Severin (VA)
Arthur Siler (MA)
Edith D. Sillman (CT)
Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Siner (MA)
Wolfram Skibbe, in honor of Christine Weidinger and Catherine Gayer (Canada)
Fred Smith (GA)
Dr. Virginia Smith, in memory of Roslyn Sarezky (CT)
David Sommerfield (DC)
Albert Spengler, in memory of Russell H. Behrens and Russell S. Behrens (VA)
Heidi Steffen, in honor of Dmitri Hvorostovsky (NM)
Gary L. Strawn (IL)
Arthur J. Sullivan (CA)
Mrs. Frances M. Sullivan (GA)
Dr. Norrie Thomas (MN)
Suzanne Trazoff (ME)
Virginia Tse (NY)
Margrit W. Vanderryn (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Wagner (MA)
Thomas C. Wallace (NJ)
Charles S. and Jacqueline M. Warren (NY)
Gerald L. Webb (United Kingdom)
Barbara Weldon (WV)
Mrs. W. J. Wilkinson (LA)
2 Anonymous Donors