$50,000 and above

Steffi Berne, in memory of Rhoda Mokotoff (NY)
Estate of Henry C. Bryant (MI)
Michael and Miriam Burnside, in memory of Anne M. Burnside (CA)
Hope A. Curtis (NM)
†James W. Ellington (CT)
The Farkas Family Foundation, in memory of Florence Roth Farkas (VA)
In memory of Anna R. Harms (Canada)
Estate of Lois Hilgeman (NJ)
The Geoffrey C. Hughes Foundation (NY)
Jane Stieren Lacy, in memory of Arthur T. Stieren (TX)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Merrin (NY)
The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation (FL)
Estate of Virginia R. Sayre (DC)
Estate of Phyllis Kyle Stephenson (VA)
Professor Richard S. Tedlow and Dr. Donna M. Staton (MA)
Mrs. John Todd (NJ)
2 Anonymous

$25,000 and above

Arnhold Foundation (NY)
Richard and Carol Boas, in memory of Edith Marks Baldinger and Ruth Boas (CT)
Theodore Chu (NY)
Emily and John Corry (NY)
Estate of Norma E. Gross (LA)
Reuben Herzfeld Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (OH)
Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation (NY)
The Kligerman Family Foundation (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre (NY)
Joseph Masteroff, in memory of Beverly Sills (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Corbin R. Miller (NY)
Trust of Robert W. Schaefer (IL)
The Cynthia R. Tremblay Foundation (VA)
1 Anonymous