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    Adult Child
Orchestra Prime $417.00  
Orchestra Balance $307.00  
Orchestra Rear Center $247.00  
Orchestra Rear Side $178.00  
Standing Room Orchestra $108.00  
Center Parterre $705.00  
Side Parterre $327.00  
Grand Tier $437.00  
Grand Tier Boxes Partial View $238.00  
Grand Tier Standing Room $108.00  
Dress Circle $249.00  
Dress Circle Boxes Partial View $159.00  
Dress Circle Standing Room $78.00  
Balcony $164.00  
Balcony Boxes Partial View $82.00  
Family Circle Front Center $135.00  
Family Circle Front Side $100.00  
Family Circle Rear Center $83.00  
Family Circle Rear Side $60.00 SOLD OUT 
Family Circle Standing Room $60.00 SOLD OUT 

*You are purchasing Family Series Subscriptions. You must purchase at least 1 Adult subscription and 1 Child subscription. Children must be 6 - 17 years old. Adults age 18 or older must pay full price. Met theatre personnel may ask for ID of child.

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ABT Seating Chart

ABT Seating Chart