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Renowned painter Francesco Clemente has created an original artwork, seen above, inspired by the opera for a banner currently on the façade of the opera house.

A new transit campaign advertising the production features a photo of Gandhi with slogans—such as “Could an opera make us stand up for the truth?”—superimposed on the image. The campaign runs through mid-April, with posters on bus shelters and phone kiosks throughout the city.


In collaboration with the Met, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts is presenting an exhibition of Satyagraha production photos and design sketches, historic images, and collages, as well as a Gandhi-inspired mural by artist Tamar Hirschl entitled “Protest.” The show is on view through April 19.

Philip Glass, Phelim McDermott, Julian Crouch, and Peter Gelb discussed Satyagraha at a March 25 “Works and Process” event at the Guggenheim Museum. Clips from the event, presented in collaboration with the Met and featuring a performance by Richard Croft, will be available on the Met website in mid-April.