During rehearsals for the Met’s new production of Verdi's Macbeth last October, Assistant Director Peter McClintock shot these videos, which give a glimpse of director Adrian Noble's working process. See the behind-the-scenes action in early rehearsals in the basement of the Met to the final stage rehearsals with lights, costumes, and orchestra.

In this time-lapse video, the Met’s stage crew sets up the entire set for Macbeth in just three minutes. Assistant Technical Director John Sellars narrates the process.

 Lights! Costumes! Orchestra! 

2 days before the Macbeth premiere!
Watch the Macbeth rehearsal on stage with lights, costumes, and orchestra!

Lady Macbeth’s Letter

5 days before the Macbeth premiere!
Watch Director Adrian Noble as he works with Maria Guleghina on Lady Macbeth’s first scene in the opera.

Act 1

7 days before the Macbeth premiere!
Watch as we work on Act 1 on the main stage!

Staging the Banquet Scene

11 days before the Macbeth premiere!

Go behind the scenes and see a staging rehearsal for the Banquet Scene for our new production of Macbeth? We’re still rehearsing with piano only. Orchestra, lights, costumes still to come.

Murdering Banquo

12 days before the Macbeth premiere!

Yesterday we rehearsed Macbeth on the main stage, and we killed off Banquo! Here’s what John Relyea, who is singing the part, had to say about the experience:

“I love this death scene. ‘Don’t go down without a fight,’ I always say. At least that is what I like to think, metaphorically, as I don’t recall having ever thrown any real punches at anything animate. These supers are really making me look superhuman. Or could it be that perhaps I really can throw another man 10 feet across a room?! Note to self—Eat your wheaties!”

Act 1

12 days before the Macbeth premiere!