Barnaby Furnas's Banner on the Met facade“I’m interested in perception,” says artist Barnaby Furnas. “Boris Godunov is haunted by how he’s perceived by the public. It’s just like the artist’s role—you put your work out there but have no control over how it’s received.” In the case of Furnas’s latest commission, “out there” means the façade of the Met, where the young American artist’s banner inspired by Boris Godunov heralded Stephen Wadsworth’s new production of the Mussorgsky masterpiece, which opened October 11 with René Pape in the title role and Valery Gergiev conducting. Furnas painted the image with the doors to his Shelter Island studio flung open and the opera blasting. “People drove by and assumed there was a crazy person inside,” he says. And in a sense there was: “Boris is both in charge of events and swept away by events,” the artist continues. “It’s elemental, this anxiety between who you are and who people think you are. And in the case of Boris, this anxiety is amplified.” (Furnas’s Boris banner, his second for the Met, was up through the end of October.)