HD Ambassador Program

HD Ambassador Program

Met HD Ambassadors serve as conduits for their community; providing opportunities for opera-lovers to engage with one another beyond a Met: Live in HD transmission and cultivating support for the Met by building personal relationships with local audiences.

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions about our Met HD Ambassador program. To inquire further about the role and responsibilities of a Met HD Ambassador, or to express interest in becoming an Ambassador for your area, please submit your request.


What is a Met HD Ambassador?

Ambassadors maintain a current membership of $250 or more. Working with the Met's National Membership Manager, these Guild Members or Patrons  cultivate support for the Met in their community by building personal relationships with Live in HD audiences.


Does the HD Ambassador program extend to international audiences?

At this time, the HD Ambassador program is limited to the United States. We look forward to welcoming representatives from our international audiences in the near future.


What does a Met HD Ambassador do in movie theaters?

Ambassadors attend Live in HD presentations at participating movie theaters in their communities.  At the theater, Ambassadors:

• greet audiences as they enter the auditiorium

• hand out Live in HD related materials (provided by the Met)

• address the entire audience 5 minutes prior to the transmission (script or talking points are provided by the Met)

• field audience questions or comments immediately following the opera.


What is required to be a Met HD Ambassador?

Ambassadors must be:

•Members of the Met (Guild Membership or Patron Program)

•comfortable speaking to a large audience without amplification

•willing to plan and execute 2-3 additional community events throughout the season

•able to attend at least 6 Live in HD broadcasts throughout the season

•willing to speak to the Met’s membership programs and encourage involvement

•willing to sign and have their name referenced in Met fundraising letters


What is required of an Ambassador following a Live in HD presentation?

All Ambassadors are asked to provide a written report of their in-theater experience. Using a Met provided template, reports should be emailed to the National Membership Manager the Monday after each opera transmission.


What are “additional community events”?

In order to enhance the Met Live in HD experience and to bring the theater audience closer to the Met, we ask that our Ambassadors arrange simple meet-up events. With the assistance of the Met, invitations to these events will be emailed to those in your community who are likely to attend Live in HD broadcasts. We encourage Ambassadors to plan events at locations (restaurants, coffee shops, community spaces) central to the theater, either just before or immediately following an HD presentation.


What is the purpose of meet-up events?

Meet-up events are an opportunity for Live in HD audiences to socialize with one another. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for our Met HD Ambassadors to learn more about audiences in their communities, to cultivate more personal relationships with them, to collect contact information from attendees, and to speak about the importance of supporting the Met through charitable donations, with a focus on membership.


What is a Met HD Ambassador responsible for at a meet-up event?

Met HD Ambassadors act as event hosts and may:

•Initiate group conversations regarding the Live in HD broadcast (what they expect to see if the event is prior to the transmission or what they thought of the production if the event follows the transmission)

•Arrange to have a local music professor, music critic, or other offer a discussion which relates to one of the operas performed in a Live in HD broadcast

•Hold a drawing for a Met-related giveaway (must be pre-arranged with the Met)

All events should end with the Met HD Ambassador addressing attendees; thanking everyone for coming out, speaking to the Met’s need for members support and the benefits of membership. Membership materials (provided by the Met) should be distributed to all attendees.


What training is offered for Met HD Ambassadors?

Ambassadors work closely with the Met’s National Membership Manager to prepare for all in-theater visits and community events. Once participation is confirmed, a training tool-kit and additional materials will be shipped directly to Ambassadors. The National Membership Manager will schedule a training conference call to discuss the contents of the training tool-kit and to walk Ambassadors through the in-theater visit scenario.