National Council Auditions



The awards given by the National Council are all cash awards made possible by generous donors across the country. At the District level, cash prizes of varying amounts are awarded to winners. At the Region level, the following award is given:

Ranking Amount Title
First Place $800 Mrs. Edgar Tobin Award from The Tobin Endowment

The thirteen Regions also award additional cash prizes of varying amounts.

All first place Region Winners are brought to New York to compete in the National Semi-Finals at the expense of the Metropolitan Opera National Council.

At the Final round, approximately five equal Grand Finals Winners receive $15,000 each, and the remaining National Finalists receive $5,000 each. The Semi-Finalists, who do not advance to the Grand Finals, each receive $1,500.

Issuing Award Checks

Award money at all levels is paid through Metropolitan Opera payroll. After each District and Region level competition, the local officers will forward each award winner’s prize money to the National Council Office in New York to be processed. Award winners will be responsible for forwarding the necessary tax forms to the Met through their District/Region representative.

National Council award winners may request that their award be direct deposited by the Met to a United States bank account. To make this request, please complete a direct deposit form, available from your District/Region representative or through the National Council Office. 

The Met will withhold all required taxes from contestant awards, including a 35% mandatory federal and state withholding from the checks of citizens of countries other than the United States. Contestants who believe they qualify for a refund from the United States Internal Revenue Service at the end of the tax year should file a U.S. tax return in order to recover applicable withholdings.