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Peter Gelb
- General Manager

James Levine
- Music Director

Fabio Luisi
- Principal Conductor

Deputy General Manager:

Diana Fortuna

Assistant General Managers:

Mia Bongiovanni
- Media
Gillian Brierley
- Marketing & Communications
Robert Rattray
- Artistic
John Sellars
- Production
Coralie Toevs
- Development

Department Directors:

Lee Abrahamian
- Director of Communications
Julie Borchard-Young
- Director of Worldwide HD
Matt Dobkin
- Creative Director, Marketing & Editorial
Jonathan Friend
- Artistic Administrator
Ann Marie Hackett
- Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations
Judith Helf
- Director of Development
Ioan Holender
- Artistic Consultant
Kendall Hubert
- Director of Leadership Gifts & Special Programs
Dodie Kazanjian
- Director of the Arnold & Marie Schwartz Gallery Met
Henry A. Lanman
- General Counsel
Laura Mitgang
- Director of Production Administration
James Naples
- House Manager
Sam Neuman
- Press Director
Gayletha Nichols
- Director of National Council Auditions
Elena Park
- Executive Producer, Radio/Supervising Producer, Live in HD
Jean-Jérôme Peytavi
- Director of Marketing
Craig Rutenberg
- Director of Music Administration
Robert Tuggle
- Director of Archives
Eva Wagner-Pasquier
- Senior Artistic Advisor
Brian Zeger
- Executive Director of Lindemann Young Artist Development Program

Artistic Administration:

Stephen A. Brown
- Company Manager
Lenore Rosenberg
- Associate Artistic Administrator
Paul Cremo
- Dramaturg/Director of Opera Commissioning Programs
Judith Montgomery
- Manager of Artist Relations
Veronika Arkhangel
Emily Cornelius
- Rehearsal Department Managers
David Strobbe
- Associate Rehearsal Administrator
Robert Sutherland
- Chief Librarian
Jennifer A. Johnson
Àngels Martinez
Melissa Robason
- Assistant Librarians
Kenneth Hunt
Ken Noda
- Assistants to the Music Director
Donna Lampasso
- Assistant Company Manager--Contracts
Steve Losito
- Chorus Administrator
Terri Horak
- Music Staff Administrator
Alicia Edwards
- Children's Administrator
Rachel Hocking
- Office Manager--Orchestra
Samuel Gelber
- Artistic Coordinator
Christopher Kennedy
- Resident Piano Technician


Joseph Barnes
- Director
Richard Holmes
- Administrator
Gillian Smith-Esposito
- Associate Administrator

Lindemann Young Artist Development Program:

Clare Avery
- Administrative Director
Sean Guerrier
- Administrative Associate

National Council Auditions:

Melissa Wegner
- Associate Director


Paul Masck
- Production Manager
Eric Gautron
- Technical Director
Analise Hartnett
- Production Coordinator
Kristin Niemiec
- Assistant Production Coordinator
Elizabeth Mills
- Project Manager
Stephanie Haggerstone
- Production Finance Manager
Sean Kelso
- Production Finance Administrator
Meghan Duffy
- Production Archivist
Eva Santiago
- Administrative Assistant/Construction Shop
Sean Harris
- Administrative Assistant/Costume Shop


John Froelich
- Resident Lighting Designer
Aaron Sporer
- Associate Staff Lighting Designer
Keri Thibodeau
Eric Larson
- Assistant Staff Lighting Designers
Sylvia Nolan
- Resident Costume Designer
Mitchell Bloom
- Assistant Staff Costume Designer
Milan Dale
David Ellertson
- Assistant Staff Scenic Designers
Tom Watson
- Resident Wig & Makeup Artist

Stage Directors:

David Kneuss
- Executive Stage Director
Peter McClintock
- Stage Director
Brian Hurst
- Production Administrator
Cassandra Powell
- Production Assistant

Production Administration:

Agnes Fercowicz
- Executive Assistant

Stage Management:

Raymond Menard
- Production Stage Manager
James Darrah
Gary Dietrich
Theresa Ganley
Cristobel Langan
Margo Maier-Moul
Scott Moon
Jonathan Waterfield
- Stage Managers

Stage & Shop Operations:

Stephen A. Diaz
- Master Carpenter
Philip J. Volpe
- Master Electrician
James Blumenfeld
- Properties Master
Nicholas Doumanoff
- Head of Construction
Douglas F. Lebrecht
- Chargeman Scenic Artist
William Malloy
- Wardrobe Supervisor
Elissa Iberti
- Head Costumer
Robert Bulla
- Assistant Head Costumer
Regina Schuster
- First Draper
Bryant Hoven
- First Tailor
Borhan Ahmed
Timothy Church
Kirstie Dabbs
- Production Supervisors
Juliet Veltri
- Assistant Head of Wigs
Tera Willis
- Assistant Head of Makeup

Met Titles:

Michael Panayos
- Met Titles Supervisor
Cecilia Sparacio
- Met Titles Assistant

Executive Office:

Alessaundra Suvet
- Sr. Executive Assistant
Jenna Ahrens
- Executive Assistant
Kelly Davis
- Administrative Assistant



Rachel Cappy
Diana Katz
- Development Associates

Institutional Relations:

Kate Martinez
- Director
Kelly Barrows
- Assistant Director
Romy Kushnick
- Coordinator

Major Gifts:

Marita Altman
- Director
Rebecca C. Buckman
Sharmin Mahmud Price
- Major Gifts Officers
John T. Schuler
- Manager
Sophia Dumaine
- Coordinator
Alan Lane
- Associate

Patron & Individual Giving:

Naomi Weinstock
- Director
Barbra Lach
- Director, Membership & Promotions
Ashley Parks
- Deputy Director
Laura Michelson
- Assistant Director
Anthony Busti
- Associate Director, Donor Information
Jerry Parra
- Manager, Membership & Promotions
Aznil Azar
- Membership Associate
Elizabeth Heidere
- Patron Associate

Planned Giving:

Gabriel Burnham
- Assistant Director
Marsha Pierson
- Associate


Susan Reed
- Director
Jennifer DeVine
- Associate Director
Molly Wassermann
- Research Associate
Brittany He
- Research Assistant

Special Events & Development Services:

John Banta
- Director
Shannon Preston
- Deputy Director
Katharine Andrew
- Special Events Manager
Ryan Brodlieb
- Senior Special Events Promotions Coordinator
Emily McKenna
- Special Events Coordinator


Ian Zimmerman
- Director
Gregory Elfers
- Associate Director of Telefunding
Marc Berkowe
Courtney Lum
- Telefunding Supervisors
Wiljago Cook
- Telefunding Assistant

Marketing & Communications:


Alyssa DeAlesandro
- Executive Assistant


Eva Chien
- Senior Manager, Live in HD Press and Marketing
Silja Tobin
- Senior Communications Associate
Michelle Zelman
- Senior Press Associate


Philipp Brieler
- Managing Editor
Charles C. Sheek
- Editor
Jonathan Tichler
- Photo Editor


Marsha Drummond
- Director of Education
Angela Marroy Boerger
- Education Manager
Victoria Rey
- Education Coordinator

Marketing & Advertising:

Meghan Goria
- Director, Strategic Marketing
Hilary Ley
- Director of Audience Initiatives & Special Projects
Joe Tropia
- Sales Manager
Brian Tran
- Advertising & Promotions Coordinator
Melayna Busca
- Marketing Coordinator
Alexandra Danay
- Marketing & Advertising Assistant

Marketing Services:

Ronni Brown
- Director
Anthony Marinelli
- Marketing Services Manager

Graphic Design:

Rex Bonomelli
- Director of Graphic Design
Burns Magruder
- Senior Graphic Designer


Suzanne Gooch
- Director, Website & Presentations
Gordon Thorpe
- Senior Website Manager

Marilyn Haines
- Website Coordinator

Box Office:

Mark Schreiber
- Head Treasurer
Robert Begin
James Maguire
- Assistant Head Treasurers


Hope Van Winkle
- Director of Merchandising
Jennifer Widdifield
- Store & Operations Manager
Yessika Siccardi
- Merchandising Manager

Customer Care & Donor Relations:

Susan Hayes
- Director
Gary Feinstein
- Director, Subscriptions & Special Services
Mary-Lynn Musco
- Manager, Subscriptions & Special Services

Call Center & Fulfillment:

Maryann Gallagher
- Director, Call Center & Donor Relations
Diane Cipriano
- Director, Revenue Processing & Data Entry
John Rodriguez
- Manager
David Aaron
Michael DeMarco
Marilyn Farmer
Alexandria Finerson
Deyond Patrick
Brooke Perrin
- Supervisors
Sue Sweet
- Executive Assistant
Asifa Omer
Amy Santo
- Assistants


Victoria D'Angelo
- Director, E-Marketing
Janette D'Angelo
Kirstyn Soles
- Associate E-Mail Producers
Andrew Price
- Associate

Customer Systems Support:

Cristina Castilla
- Senior Systems Analyst
Lisa Joseph
Jaimielyn LoBello
Niharika Samdruala
- Associates

Human Resources & Labor Relations:

Michele Rufrano
- HR Manager
Frank DiMaiolo
- Labor Relations Manager
Karla Faggard
- Senior Admistrator
Denise Abraham
- Associate
Diandra Reyes
Molly Sellars
- Assistants

Proskauer Rose LLP
- Labor Counsel
Lauren Sierchio Wolf
- Associate General Counsel
George Forrest
- Safety Director
Richard Rainville
- Board Liaison & Paralegal to the General Counsel

Media & Presentations:

Margaret Juntwait
- Radio Host/Announcer
Ira Siff
- Radio Commentator
Louisa Briccetti
Victoria Warivonchik
- Producers
Mary Jo Heath
- Senior Radio Producer
John Kerswell
- Operations Director
Alexandra Eastman
- Associate Director, Media
William Berger
- Writer/Radio Producer
Ellen Keel
- Senior Radio Editor/Live in HD Writer
Lee Ellen Hveem
- Associate Radio Producer
Matthew Principe
- Associate Producer, Live in HD & Radio
Grace Row
- Digital Music Production Specialist
Justin P. Fuhs
- Director, Met Opera on Demand
Steven Carter
- Digital Asset Manager
Michael Griebel
- Tape Librarian/Archivist
Ed Hartley
- Senior Broadcast Engineer
Robert Huott
- Production Engineer
Yolanda Williams
- Media Associate
Elizabeth Svokos
- Production Associate
Gesa Kudlack
- Radio Production Assistant
Jeff Tang
- Assistant Producer


Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell, & Vassallo, P.C.
- Media Counsel


Ilan Kravic
- Director of Planning & Operations Analysis
Monique Quinn
- Controller
Scott Schneider
- Director, Financial Systems
Elasha Salzgaber
- Assistant Controller
Neal Davis
- Payroll Manager
Janett Sanchez-Peralta
- Director, Media Finances & Financial Monitoring
Katrina Cronburg
- Manager of Financial Analysis
Ingrid Cronburg
- Sr. Budget Analyst
Justin Weatherby
- Accounting Business Manager
Margaret Lundin
- Director, Business Support
Angela Dunbar
- Business Process & Applications Manager
Karen Stansifer
- Business Systems Analyst
Annie Chung Wong
- Senior Accountant, Financial Accounting Tax & Compliance
Joseph Dietrich
- Artistic System Project Manager
Eliza Urbanik
- Staff Accountant
Mary Comiskey
- Cash Accountant
Cathy Ballester
- Supervisor, Development Finances
Barbara Zaid
- Accounts Payable Manager
Hans Howard Linneman-Schmidt
- Assistant Payroll Manager
Tara Collins
Lalanie Guido
Carol Helps
Albert Marrero
Julia Vitebsky
- Payroll Assistants
Teresa Lugo
- Data Entry Clerk

House Management:

Jenna Reyes
Daniel Valdes
- Associate House Managers
Michael G. Marotta
- Security Director
James Trainor
- Assistant Security Director
Eric Tress
- Chief Engineer
Steven Ambrioso
- Purchasing Manager
Charles Retty
- Office Services Manager
Deborah Jackson
- Reception Manager
Donya Hubby
- Administrative Assistant

Performance Management:

John Flaherty
A. Cosmo Venneri
- Performance Managers
Hector Garcia
- Chief Usher
Jennifer Bachini
Jasminka Kovacevic
- Assistant Chief Ushers
Jack Clark
- Checkroom Manager
Karol Wolniewicz
- Checkroom Manager

Medical Services:

Anthony F. Jahn, MD
- Medical Director
Linda Shene, RN
- Company Nurse

Information Systems:

Joe Caiola
- Director, Information Services & Technology
Scott Trapani
- Deputy Director, Information Systems
Yefim Shnayder
- Network Operations Manager
George King
- Senior Applications Support Specialist
Dallas Hayes
- Manager
Steven Johnson
Doriam Sanchez
- Specialists


John Pennino
John Tomasicchio
- Archivists