• La Boheme Educator Guide

What to Expect from La Bohème?

Puccini’s timeless story of love among young artis ts in Paris can stake its claim as the world’s most popular opera. With all the joy and sadness of romance, with comedy and tragedy, with scenes ranging from the intimate to the grand, La Bohème depicts the full scope of human experience: wealth and poverty, art and commerce, deception and devotion. But at the center of it are the small, often subtle, personal moments that make up our everyday lives.

In La Bohème, students will meet some of the most famous characters in opera—including Rodolfo, the writer; Marcello, the painter; delicate, sensitive Mimì; and brassy, seductive Musetta. Puccini’s musical portrayal of the Parisian world of garrets, cafés, and nights of ribaldry remains vivid more than a century after it was created, and his depictions ring true to this day.

  • Classroom Activity

    A full-length activity, designed to support your ongoing curriculum.

  • Musical Highlights

    Two "Musical Highlights" designed to focus on bits of music from La Bohème  to cultivate familiarity with the work.

  • Performance Activities

    Performance Activities for students to enjoy during the Metropolitan Opera HD transmission.

  • Post-Show Discussion

    A post-transmission activity, integrating the Live in HD experience into students' wider views of the performing arts and humanities.