• Manon Lescaut Educator Guide

What to Expect from Manon Lescaut

Passion. Betrayal. Unconditional love. No other art form can convey these elemental human experiences as powerfully as opera—and these are the hallmarks of Puccini’s Manon Lescaut. Though set in 18th-century France, the tale of Manon and her lover des Grieux is utterly contemporary.

  • Classroom Activities

    Two full-length activities, designed to support your ongoing curriculum.
  • Musical Highlights

    Five "Musical Highlights" designed to focus briefly on bits of music from Manon Lescaut to cultivate familiarity with the work.
  • Performance Activities

    Performance Activities for students to enjoy during the Metropolitan Opera HD transmission.
  • Post-Show Discussion

    A post-transmission activity, integrating the Live in HD experience into students' wider views of the performing arts.

Manon Lescaut at the Met

The Metropolitan Opera’s production of Manon Lescaut sweeps its audience into a maelstrom of emotion. But Manon Lescaut is no mere melodrama. Puccini provides an opportunity to observe closely the life path of a single individual—the ways in which she changes, learns and grows by means of the choices she makes. No topic could be more relevant to an audience of young people.

This guide offers a variety of experiences designed not only to enrich enjoyment of the Live in HD transmission of Manon Lescaut, but also to help young people engage with the opera’s eternal themes and appreciate how the composer enables the artists of the Met to bring them gloriously to life.

The synopsis can be found here.