• La Rondine Musical Highlights

Musical Highlights are brief opportunities to:

  • Help students make sense of opera
  • Whet their interest in upcoming Metropolitan Opera Live in HD transmissions

Each focuses on music from the audio clips embedded within each activity. They direct students’ attention toward highlights and details that can organize and illuminate their viewing of the transmission. The descriptions below offer listening pointers. These “mini-lessons” will in practice take up no more than a few minutes of class time. They’re designed to help you bring opera into your classroom while minimizing interruption of your ongoing curricular sequence.

La Rondine Musical Highlights:

The Germanic Invasion: A Close Look at La Rondine's Origins in Operetta /uploadedImages/MetOpera/about_the_met/Met_in_Schools/Educator_Guides/La_Rondine/NFBB_Rondine_MusicHi.jpg  
Love Train: A Close Look at Ruggero's Act II "Toast" /uploadedImages/MetOpera/about_the_met/Met_in_Schools/Educator_Guides/La_Rondine/NFBB_Rondine_MusicHi.jpg
Who is "The Swallow"?: A Close Look at Magda's Alter Ego /uploadedImages/MetOpera/about_the_met/Met_in_Schools/Educator_Guides/La_Rondine/NFBB_Rondine_MusicHi.jpg