• Le Comte Ory Educator Guide

What to Expect from Le Comte Ory

Rossini’s effervescent Le Comte Ory is a comic tale of disguise, seduction, and the victory of virtue. The scene is the French countryside; the time, the Middle Ages, during the Crusades. Count Ory, a young nobleman, will do just about anything to conquer the chaste Countess Adèle—but his page, Isolier, will do even more to win her love. The result is a triangle of intrigue, counter-intrigue, and counter-counter-intrigue that features some of the most gorgeous and vocally dazzling music in the operatic repertoire.

  • Classroom Activity

    A full-length activity, designed to support your ongoing curriculum.
  • Musical Highlights

    Three "Musical Highlights" designed to focus on bits of music from Le Comte Ory to cultivate familiarity with the work.
  • Performance Activities

    Performance Activities for students to enjoy during the Metropolitan Opera HD transmission.
  • Post-Show Discussion

    A post-transmission activity, integrating the Live in HD experience into students' wider views of the performing arts and humanities.

Le Comte Ory at the Met

In his new Metropolitan Opera production, director Bartlett Sher takes an inventive approach to this bel canto gem. To bridge the gap between the story’s intimate atmosphere and the vast space of the Met, he has set the opera in a 19th-century theater, where Rossini’s comedy is being performed. In the title role, superstar tenor Juan Diego Flórez spins webs of deceit amid the candlelit shadows of a medieval castle. Diana Damrau brings vocal brilliance to the virtuous Adèle, and in the trouser role of Isolier, Joyce DiDonato proves herself (or himself) the Countess’s protector—and a worthy match for the scheming Ory.

The title character’s con-man attitude will appeal to students, as will such hilarious set pieces as a male chorus, dressed up as nuns, sloshing their way through a raucous drinking song. Yet within this comic romp lie psychologically truthful situations and precisely defined characters. The activities in this guide will both kindle students’ interest in opera and help them look beneath the laughter to make the most of this Live in HD production.