• Don Pasquale Musical Highlights

Musical Highlights are brief opportunities to:

  • Help students understand opera 
  • Whet their interest in upcoming transmissions of The Met: Live in HD

Each focuses on audio selections from Don Pasquale, embedded within each activity.  Texts and translations are included with each activity.

These “mini-lessons” will, in practice, take up no more than a few minutes of class time. They’re designed to help you bring opera into your classroom while minimizing interruption of your ongoing curriculum. Feel free to use as many as you like.

Don Pasquale Musical Highlights:

Patter Singing /uploadedImages/MetOpera/_global_images/buttons/view.gif  
Secret Messages /uploadedImages/MetOpera/_global_images/buttons/view.gif  
Lessons Not In Books /uploadedImages/MetOpera/_global_images/buttons/view.gif