• La Cenerentola Performance Activity

Supporting students during
The Met: Live in HD Transmission

Thanks to print and audio recording, much about opera can be enjoyed long before a performance. But performance itself brings vital layers of sound and color, pageantry and technology, drama, skill, and craft. Performance activities are designed to help students tease apart different aspects of the experience, consider creative choices that have been made, and sharpen their own critical faculties.

Each Performance Activity incorporates a reproducible activity sheet. Students bring the activity sheet to the transmission to fill out during intermission and/or after the final curtain. The activities direct attention to characteristics of the production that might otherwise go unnoticed. Ratings matrices invite students to express their critique: use these ratings to spark discussions that call upon careful, critical thinking

The basic activity sheet is called My Highs & Lows. Meant to be collected, opera by opera, over the course of the season, this sheet points students toward a consistent set of objects of observation. Its purposes are not only to help students articulate and express their opinions, but to support comparison and contrast, enriching understanding of the art form as a whole.

For La Cenerentola, the other activity sheet, Silent Comedy, directs students’ attention toward aspects of the staging that go beyond what’s heard in the score and libretto.

Activity reproducibles can be found on the last pages of this guide. Either activity can provide the basis for class discussion after the transmission. On the next page, you’ll find an additional activity created specifically for post-show follow-up.