$2,500 or above

Mr. and Mrs. Burnside E. Anderson III (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Averett (NJ)
Grant and Nelda Adamson (TX)
In honor of Licia Albanese (Canada)
Madeline and Stephen Anbinder, in memory of Gussie Anbinder (NY)
Kelley and Susan Anderson (WI)
John Appel (NM)
Helen Aring, in memory of Beverly Sills (CA)
Beth L. Armsey (IL)
Doris Aronson, M.D., in memory of Jackie Djeddah (MD)
Leonard L. Aulenbach (PA)
Mary Lou Avery (OK)
T. R. Baird (FL)
†M. Evelyn Bane (VA)
The Barker Welfare Foundation (NY)
Celia Barteau (VA)
J. Bartush (MI)
Anthony Bassett (MO)
Mr. and Mrs. John Baumgardner (NY)
Brenda Bemben, in memory of John Ressner (CT)
Ann Bender (CA)
The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation (NC)
Jan R. Birsch, in memory of Harry E. Erdley (PA)
Linda C. Black (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Hy Bloom (QC)
Anne Boardman, in memory of Francis Boardman (MA)
William F. Bohlin, in honor of Constance Abrams and Ann Verber (NY)
Elizabeth E. Bowman (CA)
†Marion I. Breen (NY)
Thomas Brennan (DC)
Elizabeth Brisk, in memory of David C. Brisk (ME)
Edith Wells Bristol, in memory of William M. Bristol, Jr. (PA)
Cynthia Brodsky (NY)
Susan Bromley (MA)
Lee Buddendeck, in memory of Katherine Buddendeck (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bullen (NY)
Wilma and Darryl C. Bullington, in honor of Juan Diego Flórez (WA)
Barbara Burrell (OH)
Caroline Walker Bynum (NY)
Mrs. Byron W. Cain (TX)
Diane and Pericles Caminis, in memory of Bernard T. Wilens (CT)
Dr.  Sharron M. Capen, in memory of Charles C. Capen (OH)
Phyllis H. Carey (FL)
Stephen Case and Margaret Ayres (NY)
Drs. Carol and David Cass / CCAR (Canada)
Hazel Cheilek (CA)
Diana Childress (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Clark III (NJ)
Everett Coe (CA)
Richard Cohen (FL)
Kathleen Combs (NY)
Joyce S. Conrardy (WI)
Mrs. Barbara Cook Wendland (TX)
Barbara Coussement, in memory of Elizabeth G. and Robert V. Jones (IL)
Marguerite Corbally (WA)
Mr. and Mrs. John Craig (Canada)
William Craig, in honor of Richard and Kay Munsen (NY)
Estate of Malcom F. Crawford (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Crow (CA)
Mr. and †Mrs. Hugh Cullman (NY)
Sally E. Cummins (NY)
Lynne Curtiss, in memory of Beverly Sills (OH)
†Mr. and Mrs. George W. Cutting, Jr. (AK)
Dennis Dalton, in memory of Lois Smith (TX)
Igor Dawid (MD)
Inge de la Camp (CA)
Mrs. Vincent de Roulet (NY)
Miguel A. De Soto-Perera (KS)
Joy Denman (DC)
Azile Dick (IL)
Anne T. Dowling (NY)
†Erwin B. Drucker (VA)
Betty Lou Dubois (NM)
Edmund Duffy, in honor of Helen Duffy (NY)
William Edwards (Canada)
Anne Fields (DE)
William S. Filbrun and Robert W. Peterson (OH)
Marvin Fletcher, in memory of Hilary Fletcher (OH)
Henry and Frances Fogel (IL)
Drs. David A. and Sara K. Follett, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Morris (NY)
Helen H. Ford (PA)
Rosemary Franck, in memory of Robert Bagar (NY)
Jean and †Sam Frankel (MI)
Gerald Frauwirth (CT)
J. Arthur Freed (NM)
Ms. Joan M. Frost (CT)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Frye (MN)
Dr. Stuart L. Fuld (MA)
Caroline D. Gabel (MD)
Theodore Garelis (CA)
Mr. David Garrity, in honor of Margaret Juntwait (FL)
Laverne D. Gayles, in memory of George E. Gayles (SC)
Pat and Ralph Gilby (DE)
Joan Goldberg, in memory of Dr. Herman Helpern (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Ely Gonick (PA)
Margaret L. Goodman (NY)
Charles Goodwin (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford Gordon (WY)
†Mary and Gordon Gould (NY)
Dr. Richard B. Gould (PA)
Marianne Gourary, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Solomon (NY)
Laurie Graham (PA)
Jean and Goddard Graves (IL)
Robert Gray (CO)
Mr. Robert Greene (VA)
Joanne T. Greenspun (NJ)
John B. Greg (NY)
Beverly Grossman (CA)
Frank Grossman, in memory of Fernando Corena (Canada)
Elaine Grudzinski (NY)
Michael Guttman (PA)
Bee G. Gwynn (NC)
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Habener (MA)
Dorothy Haines, in honor of Anthony L. Wright (CO)
Esther W. Halline (IL)
Arthur Hamilt (VA)
Sarah Handelman (IL)
William Harmon, Jr. (CA)
Charles J. Haughney (CA)
Richard L. Hay (OR)
Louise Hazeltine (PA)
Peter Heinrich and Cynthia Lilley (NY)
Fay J. Henry (MA)
Mrs. Sam B. Hicks III (LA)
Alex Hierholzer, in memory of Harry W. Saunders, Jr (PA)
Dr. John G. Hildebrand (AZ)
Dorothea H. Hoffman (NJ)
Kenneth E. Holden (NY)
Howard Holt (NY)
Katherine Holter (PA)
Eva Holzer, in memory of Erich Holzer (NJ)
Mrs. Lyman Hoover (FL)
Maisie Houghton (MA)
Dr. Edward A. Horowitz (NE)
Mrs. Harry C. Hoyt (NM)
Katherine B. Hoyt (NC)
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Huber (NY)
Jaquelin H. Hume (CA)
Mrs. Peter D. Humleker, Jr. (WI)
Spencer C. Hunt (MA)
Elizabeth Huxtable (Canada)
Kaikhosrov D. Irani, in memory of Eleanor Steber (NY)
Horace H. Irvine (MA)
Odulia A. Jacott, in memory of Charles M. Jacott (NY)
Vincent Jubilee, in honor of Joseph Calleja (Puerto Rico)
Kathleen Kallmeyer (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kasch (CA)
Mrs. Thomas S. Brush (CA)
Clarence H. Kay, Jr. (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerd H. Keuffel (MI)
Charles M. Kimbrough, in memory of Mrs. Florence Raudenbush (CA)
Robert E. Klein (KY)
George M. Knauf (MD)
David Kunca (VA)
C. A. Kuper (MD)
Christian Lange (NY)
Michael Langeland (FL)
Eleanor W. Leach (IN)
Bob Leahy, in memory of Victor E. Willis (NY)
Marianne Legun (CA)
Jack Lehman (WA)
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Joyce Letaw (MD)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Liddy (FL)
Joanne Lincoln, in memory of Willis L. Bolton (GA)
LTC David Lindauer, U.S. Army Retired, in memory of Col. Harry Lindauer, Colonel, U.S. Army Retired (MD)
Pamela Lindstrom (MD)
Dottie Litwin (NJ)
Robert T. Long (OH)
Joseph Losos (MO)
Dr. Hope Lowry (CO)
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Ludgus (CA)
Susan Lynner, in memory of Helen Dalby (DC)
Mrs. Harold Lynton (NY)
Dr. Catherine MacLeod (Canada)
Mrs. Louis Madeira (PA)
Suzanne Massonneau (TX)
Harold N. Murphy (MA)
HJ and Anne Manwell (NY)
Eleanor Margolin, in memory of Milton Margolin (CA)
Mr. Timmie Marr (Canada)
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mars (WY)
Frances A. Martin, in memory of Richard Hoyt (NY)
G. E. Martin (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Hisaharu Matsuura (Japan)
Dr. Elinor McCloskey (WA)
Gwynne G. McDevitt (PA)
†Mr. and Mrs. Sanford McDonnell, in honor of Charles MacKay (MO)
Eloise M. McEldowney (OK)
Mrs. Edward L. McGuire, Jr. (TX)
Elizabeth L. McKeever (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy McNamara, in honor of Robert Joseph McNamara (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Miller (CT)
Karl Moller (NY)
Bruce Monroe (WI)
Marjorie M. Morris (RI)
William and Susan Morris, in memory of R. Bryan Miller (CA)
In memory of Daniel Francis Murphy and Margaret Jane Forbes Murphy (NM)
Joan B. Murphy (TX)
Peter J. Musto (CA)
Edward Navone, in honor of Carlo Bergonzi (KS)
Marc E. Nicholson (DC)
Richard & Barbara B. Odlin Foundation (WA)
Jennie Olender, in memory of Francis B. Olender (NJ)
Jaylyn Olivo (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ostrow (NY)
Jane Pak (TX)
William J. Pananos (MA)
Mary Louise Peery, in honor of Hilary Vesell and Liane Vesell (VA)
Joseph and Victoria Persky (IL)
Frederick Peters (NY)
Betty Jo Petersen (CA)
Cheryn Purcell, in memory of my mother,  Louise P. Cox (FL)
Jane Rawoof, in memory of Helen P. Foster (NY)
Harry L. Reed (TX)
Constance and †Donald Reich (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt W. Reiss (PA)
Ms. Rebecca Richardson (FL)
Mrs. Emily P. Ridgway (NJ)
Ms. Kathleen Ritch (NY)
Mara Robinson (NM)
David F. Romaine, in memory of Laura F. Romaine (VA)
Karen and Gary Rose (NJ)
Professor and Mrs. Richard Rose (Scotland)
Helen W. Rosen (NY)
Nancy Rosenblum (NY)
Peggy Rosenblum, in honor of Ruth Russell (MA)
James Ross (CA)
Seymour S. Rubak, in memory of Jane Rubak (MD)
Silicon Valley Community Foundation (CA)
Stephen and †Cynthia Rubin (NY)
Helga Rupnick, in memory of Louis M. Rupnick (NY)
Vivianne Russell, in memory of Norman F. S. Russell, Jr. (MA)
Robert St. Onge and Richard Austin-Williams, in honor of Joseph Illick (NM)
John E. Sallstrom (GA)
Norman Sampson, in honor of James Levine's return (MI)
Dr. Richard Sarason, in honor of Anne Arenstein (OH)
Ms. Joanne Sattley, in memory of Margaret Juntwait (MA)
Jane P. Schaefer (PA)
Hans Schmidt (ME)
Helen Schultz, in memory of Oscar Romero (MA)
Dominick Scigliano (CA)
Mr. and Mrs. John Sebastian (CA)
Ronald Seeliger, in memory of Wilson D. Snodgrass (TX)
Joan and Arnold Seidel, Kantor Charitable Trust (CA)
Eric Sellen (AZ)
Mr. and Mrs. R. Keith Severin (VA)
Mrs. Harris L. Shapiro (NJ)
Virgina Short (CA)
David Shukis (MA)
Edith D. Sillman (CT)
Wolfram Skibbe, in honor of Christine Weidinger and Catherine Gayer (Canada)
Lydia M. Skurski (IL)
William Slusarchyk (NJ)
James H. Small (SC)
Fred Smith (GA)
Jeanne Smith, in memory of Park B. Smith (SC)
†Wilson D. Snodgrass (TX)
Richard P. Solomon (NY)
David Sommerfield (DC)
Renwick M. Spence, in memory of Suzanne Michel (QC)
Michael R. Spencer (AZ)
Albert Spengler in memory of Russell H. Behrens and Russell S. Behrens (VA)
†Jerry and †Emily Spiegel (NY)
Donald Staggers (MD)
Mrs. Arthur Stanton (NY)
Allan E. Starkey, in honor of Samuel Ady (MD)
Daniel Starr (NY)
Reed Steele (GA)
Heidi Steffen, in honor of Dmitri Hvorostovsky (NM)
Stuart Stein, in memory of Nathan Stein (NY)
Dean Strohmeyer, in memory of Henry A. and May M. Strohmeyer (DC)
Arthur J. Sullivan (CA)
Mrs. Frances B. Sullivan (GA)
Jane G. Sullivan (GA)
Joan Susha, in memory of Bill Susha (NY)
Dr. Andrew J. Thomas (MN)
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Thomas (VA)
Dr. Norrie Thomas (MN)
Helen H. Thompson (NJ)
Maja-Lisa Thomson (Canada)
Sally K. Thomson (NY)
John T. and Evelyn Tielking (VA)
Janet Toshach (MA)
Mary Janice Towles (KY)
William Traylor, in honor of Joseph A. Wisniewski (NY)
Robert F. Tribuno (IA)
Barbara J. Trimble (MD)
Litsa D. Tsitsera (NY)
James W. Tucker (WI)
Samuel A. Tucker (MD)
Dace Udris, in memory of Zane Udris (NY)
Fred Van Loan (OH)
Stephen Van Dolsen (NY)
Margaret VanHorn (NY)
Kristen Vesell (PA)
Barbara Von Rosen (CA)
James Wagner, in memory of Ada Ruth Wagner (OH)
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Wagner (MA)
Thomas C. Wallace (NJ)
James S. Weaver, Jr., in memory of Margaret C. Weaver (FL)
Gerald L. Webb (United Kingdom)
Larry A. Wehr (NJ)
Emalee S. Weisman (MI)
Barbara Weldon (WV)
John Wendell (CA)
Mrs. Arthur Wexler (DC)
Judith C. Wolf, in honor of Leonore Annenberg (CA)
Lettie W. Young (CA)
Drs. Richard, Adelle and Elleda Ziemer (PA)
7 Anonymous Donors