$10,000 and above

Edward M. Acton (CA)
Anderson-Paffard Foundation (CT)
Nancy and Jim Barton (CT)
Mercedes T. Bass (TX)
Estate of Robert Beck (IL)
Estate of James H. Berkson (DC)
Ms. Marian Brenner (NJ)
M. Elizabeth Brothers (FL)
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Buck (WV)
Mr. and Mrs. William Cammack (TN)
James Camner, in honor of David Garrity (CA)
Estate of Elfriede Chevalier (NJ)
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Cobbs (NY)
Jacques and Emy Cohenca Foundation (NY)
Malcolm H. and Ann Cole (GA)
Elizabeth de Cuevas (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Dalio (CT)
Jane and Jerry del Missier (United Kingdom)
†Mrs. Myron H. Downs (ME)
Gonzalo Escalante, in memory of my wife, Martha B. Escalante (NY)
Kenneth R. Feinberg (DC)
Estate of Charlotte Frankel (NY)
Lorraine Gallard (DC)
Janie Giacomini and Peter Van Olinda (NY)
Glied Family, Toronto and New York (NY)
Mort Greenberg, in honor of James King (Canada)
Inger Rein and Rolf Gruterich (NY)
Karen Haebig (TX)
Dr. Mona June Hagyard (KY)
Rebecca Hansen (NY)
Maura Harway and Richard Mark (NY)
Barbara Shifrin Hass, in memory of William K. Hass (NJ)
Hermione Foundation, Laura Sloate, Trustee (NY)
Dr. George S. Heyer, Jr. (TX)
Barbara D. Horgan, in honor of Doretta K. Feldscher (NY)
The Jana Foundation (NY)
Estate of Antoinette Johnson (NY)
Betty Wold Johnson (NJ)
Margaret M. Jones (DC)
Alfred G. Kelley (VA)
John F. Olson and Thomas J. Kim (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Kitchen (VA)
Mrs. Thomas S. Knight, Jr., in memory of Mary Lee Craig (CT)
Nancy Krakow, in memory of Charles Kullman - Tenor (CA)
†Selwyn and Marilyn Kudisch (MA)
Cathy Lincoln (OH)
Mrs. James F. Lincoln, Jr. (OH)
Belle Ackerman Lipman 95 Fund (NY)
Dr. Leonard M. Lipman (CA)
Walter H. Lippincott (NJ)
Lois McCall, in honor of Raymond McCall (TX)
Elizabeth McFall (NY)
Burnett Meyer (CO)
Leonard and Sally Michaels, in memory of Sylvia and Seymour Rosenberg (NY)
†Jean P. Milani (NJ)
The Mosaic Foundation, to honor the MET Opera Lovers, Peter and Stella Sichel (MI)
Socrates Nicholas and Gerard F. Bell (NY)
Daniel and Rita Paul (NY)
Lia and William Poorvu (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Quagliano (NJ)
Mrs. Jack L. Ratzkin (FL)
In memory of Mona McMillan Reid (MA)
Anna K. Reimann (PA)
Anthony Rubin, in memory of Joseph Salomon (Canada)
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Rudner (TN)
The Sage Foundation (MI)
Dr. Louis & Anne B. Schneider Foundation (IN)
Charles and Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation, Inc. (NY)
Ann Schwendener (IN)
Antoinette Farrar Seymour (PA)
Richard and Jeannette Sias (OK)
Barbara J. Sievert, in memory of Thérèse de La Chapelle (NY)
Ruth Silver, in honor of Ginnie Maes (CO)
Jill S. Slater (NY)
†Harold Snyder (NY)
Marcia Sprules (NY)
Martha A. Street (TX)
Barbara Augusta Teichert (PA)
Heddy M. Theimer (NY)
Mrs. Doris Tolins (NY)
Virginia Tse (MI)
John G. Turner and Jerry G. Fischer, in honor of Robert Turner (LA)
Heidi Ulrich, in memory of Ursula Bisconer (CA)
Estate of Virginia Van Liew (NE)
Warters Family Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey (NJ)
H.B. Wehrle Foundation (WV)
†Robert and Patricia Ross Weis (PA)
Lucille Werlinich (NY)
Trust of Judith C. Wolf (CA)
Ursule Phaeton Yates, in memory of Savari A. Phaeton (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Wyatt (NY)
Ralph and Toni Wyman (CT)
Estate of George J. Ziegler (OH)
6 Anonymous donors

$5,000 and above

Constance Abrams and Ann Verber (PA)
Marilyn Adams, in honor of Raymond Carlyle (CA)
William D. Adams (MA)
Ken Alyluia (Canada)
Mr. and †Mrs. Robert Arnow (NY)
Ann Askew (VA)
Gail Asper, in memory of my mother, Babs Asper (MB)
Dianne Balfour (NY)
N. Sue Barnes (NY)
James F. Barnett, Jr., in memory of Bessie and Jim Barnett (MS)
Batir Foundation (DC)
Estate of Edna L. Beck (NJ)
Robert E. Beck (IL)
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Becker (SC)
Beech Street Foundation (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Avie Bennett (Canada)
Jane C. Bergner, in honor of the staff of the Metropolitan Opera (MD)
Stephanie Bernheim (NY)
The Boston Foundation (MA)
Dr. and Mrs. O. Christian Bredrup, Jr., in memory of Helen P. Moncure (VA)
Gretchen D. Breiling (CA)
†Mr. and Mrs. Garrison W. Brinton (NY)
Dr. Barbara Bruner (GA)
William N. Buffett, in memory of Dr. Willa Norris (MA)
Eleanor N. Caulkins (CO)
Gregory and Marcia L. Coleman (PA)
Marcia Colish (CT)
C. W. and Dorothy A. Comer, in memory of Richard F. Monges, Jr. (ME)
Ronald E. Compton (CT)
Robert J. Cook, in honor of Birgit Nilsson and the Music of Richard Wagner (FL)
Forrest S. Crawford (FL)
†Mr. and †Mrs. Joseph Cullman III (NY)
Rigney and Robert J. Cunningham, in memory of Rita S. Rigney (MA)
Maude S. Davis (NY)
Julia W. Dayton (MN)
Shirley H. Debouzek (UT)
Amos Deinard (MN)
Terry S. Desser (CA)
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Devoe (GA)
Mrs. Philip Dieffenbach (VA)
Thomas Doran (MI)
Linda Durham, Ph.D., in memory of Anne K. Roddey (VA)
Carol A. Dyer, in memory of Gene Gordon (DC)
Mary Eagan (NY)
Joel Eatmon (TX)
Donna Z. Eden (MD)
Suzanne B. Engel (NJ)
Evelyn Ericson (WI)
Ellen and Rod Eyster (DC)
Firestone Family Foundation (FL)
J. Chris Fisher (Canada)
William A. Fleig (IL)
Mary A. Flynn, M.D. (FL)
Steve Forrester (OR)
Rhoda L. Frank (IL)
Kenneth Furrier, in memory of John and Rose Furrier (AZ)
Mrs. Bertram Gabriel, Jr. (NM)
Thomas Gahlon, in memory of Emerson Cammack (IL)
Lance J. Gotko and Paul A. Caddell (NY)
Kathleen Grierson (HI)
John C. Hall, Jr. (NY)
Barbara Hand (NM)
Elizabeth Harris (OR)
Gary Harris (VA)
Milton and Ethel Harris (Canada)
Jerry Hawke (DC)
Barbara Haws and William Josephson, in honor of Beverly J. Ross (NY)
Nancy L. Hayward (NY)
Susan W. Herring, in honor of Ira Weller (WA)
Patrick S. Hobin (CA)
Pamela Hoiles, in honor of Deborah Voigt (CT)
Mrs. Margaret Holbrook, in memory of Morton Holbrook (KY)
Mrs. H. Earl Hoover (IL)
Richard and Priscilla Hunt (MA)
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hupper (NY)
Mickey Inbody (NM)
Jo Kurth Jagoda (TX)
Jeanne Jensen (NM)
Mark Joelson (VA)
Dr. John Flynn (FL)
Bruce and Kathleen Johnson (NY)
Franklin P. and Catherine H. Johnson (CA)
Dr. Waine and Deanna Johnson (PA)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Kaplan (NY)
Sheila Keats (NY)
Rose J. Kepler (PA)
Deirdre D. Kieckhefer (CA)
The John K. and Elizabeth W. Knorr Charitable Foundation (PA)
Ambassador Lester and Mrs. CarolBeth Korn (CA)
Robert P. Krum, in honor of Paul Plishka (NY)
Pamela S. Kunkemueller (MA)
Nancy Langsan, in memory of Lillian and Ira Langsan (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. John C. La Rosa (NY)
†Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Laughery, Jr. (NY)
Louise Stillman Lehrman, in memory of Ada Latimer Stillman (CT)
Michael A. Leone, in memory of Marion Talley, coloratura soprano (TX)
Rebecca Lipman (NY)
Robert Littman, in memory of Helene MacLean (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Lobl, in memory of Minnie Lobl (NY)
Jean Long (NJ)
Estate of Joan Lorber (NY)
Mrs. E. E. Loyd, Jr. (WA)
Dr. and Mrs. Wilbert Lyons (PA)
James A. MacDonald Foundation (NY)
Gloria Mackrie (WI)
Mr. and Mrs. A. Bruce Mainwaring (PA)
Mrs. R. L. Malone (TN)
Jacqueline Badger Mars (VA)
Ellen McCoy (DC)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. McGonigle (VA)
Perry McLelland (CA)
†Dr. and Mrs. Mark Mergen (NY)
Mr. Robert Messerschmidt (NJ)
Dr. Robert I. Misbin (VA)
William F. and Mary B. Murdy (CT)
Diane A. Nixon, in honor of Gillian Attfield (NY)
Dudley and Gene Orr Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation (CT)
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Padwe (MD)
Mr. James D. Parker (MD)
The American Wagner Association (FL)
†Kevin Kellogg, in memory of †Stewart Pearce (NY)
James L. Perzik, in honor of Judi Perzik (CA)
Janet W. Phelps, in memory of Miriam G. Wurst (WI)
†C. J. Pinnell (IL)
Samuel Plimpton and Wendy Shattuck (MA)
Anna M. Pontecorvo (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Peter I. Pressman (NY)
M. W. Pete Pully (NC)
Edward J. Quinlan (HI)
Laura Rainey (CA)
Claire Richardson (MD)
Donald W. Richman, M.D. (VA)
Mary S. Risley (CA)
Mrs. Sandra P. Rose (NY)
Elizabeth B. Ross (CA)
†Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Russell (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Hans P. E. Sachse (VA)
Beverly Sackler, in memory of Mildred Gardner (CT)
Lillian T. Savage (CA)
Patsy Savage (OK)
Eleonora Schlies (CA)
Marian A. Schmid (CO)
Margaret A. Schuhmann, in memory of Birgit Nilsson (PA)
†William and Gerie Schumann (MA)
Schwab Charitable Fund (CA)
Melvin and Susan Schwarzwald (OH)
Jane Scovell (NY)
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Sculco (NY)
James Roy Seitz, Jr. (NM)
Jeanne Serrill, in memory of George Robertson (WA)
Jesse and Rochelle Shereff (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Siegfried (CO)
Arthur Siler (MA)
Dr. and Mrs. Joel L. Siner (MA)
Floyd and Jane Smith (NY)
Dr. Virginia Smith, in memory of Roslyn Sarezky (CT)
Dorothy Steinsapir (NJ)
Mr. and †Mrs. Campbell Steward (MA)
Gary L. Strawn (IL)
Don Suter (CA)
Maggie Thompson (CA)
†Irene Boveri Trackman (MA)
Suzanne Trazoff (ME)
Margrit W. Vanderryn (CA)
Mrs. Langdon Van Norden (CT)
In memory of Gertrude K. Voss (NY)
Svetlana S. Wachtell (NY)
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Wagner, in memory of Josephine Ebner (NJ)
Paul Wallace (NY)
Charles S. and Jacqueline M. Warren (NY)
†Claire M. Wilhelm (NJ)
Mrs. W. J. Wilkinson (LA)
Michael Williams (NJ)
Marguerite A. Wyman (MA)
Julia Yang (MA)
The Zacks Family Foundation, Inc. (NY)
2 Anonymous donors